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Film Historian, Paul Duncan, Discusses the History of Star Wars and George Lucas’ Imagination

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like to be George Lucas? The history of classic Star Wars is all but known to Paul Duncan. Having first-hand experience with George Lucas, Duncan knows things that not even the biggest fan of Star Wars would know. This is why Duncan has released a near 600-page book to reveal the history of Star Wars.

“My films have a tendency to promote personal self-esteem, a you-can-do-it attitude. Their message is: ‘Don’t listen to everyone else. Discover your own feelings and follow them. Then you can overcome anything.’”

– George Lucas

Imagine yourself as young filmmaker, George Lucas, forging your legacy as an imagineer and creative genius. Film historian and author of Taschen Books: The Star Wars Archives, Paul Duncan, will dive into the outer rims of the Star Wars archives to flesh out the unknown reaches of the Star Wars universe.

Tashcen Books: The Star Wars Archives is a film enthusiasts dream! Available now!

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