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Galaxy Edge: What’s Up with the Blue and Green Milk?

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve almost wanted nothing more than to try some of that blue milk Luke Skywalker would most famously drink. Some may say that he was the ‘Barnaby Jones’ of Star Wars.

For those who wanted the same thing, look no further! Because Galaxy Edge is bringing these delicious drinks to the nearest outpost near you. Did I say drink[s]? I sure did! You’re not only going to be able to drink blue milk, but also drink some of that green milk Luke Skywalker sipped on, on the shores of Achto.

“They’re very flavorful, they’re kid-friendly. Guests of all ages can enjoy these,” said Brian Koziol, food and beverage concept development director at Walt Disney World Resort. Koziol described Blue Milk as having “berry combinations that can come through” with hints of melon, while Green Milk is more tropical.

Need I say more? Sit down, relax a spell, and enjoy some of that Star Wars milk!

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