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Rogue One Originally Ended Much Happier

As some of us may know, all the main characters in Rogue One are killed off by the end of the film. Sacrificing yourself for a greater cause was the theme of the Rebellion. However, it looks like this was the not initial plan.

According to Rogue One’s co-writer, Chris Weitz, Rogue One had a much happier ending:

The version prior to [my involvement] didn’t have everyone die. As a matter of fact, it ended with a wedding I think it was on the presumption that Disney wouldn’t allow characters to die with such abandon.

You’re telling me that Jyn and Cassian were going to tie the knot at the end of the film? This brings flashbacks of when Padme and Anakin tied the knot at the end of Attack of the Clones. Unfortunately, Weitz didn’t confirm who would have been married at the end of it all.

Chris Weitz explains further why he chose the story to center around a suicide mission:

I felt it was necessary because nobody ever mentions them or sees them again. But also because we’ve done this whole sort of theme about sacrifice that it was appropriate that all of our main characters die.

In the end, choosing the latter and more gruesome approach to Rogue One’s story fit the bill better than the first draft of its ending. Why? Well, like Weitz said, these characters are not talked about in any other films or TV shows. I know, it’s hard to see characters commit themselves to a suicide mission, but in the end, their sacrifice was much more meaningful.

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