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The Secrets of Dooku: Jedi Lost

Count Dooku was one of the most difficult opponents the Jedi have ever faced. As we learn in the Clone Wars series, Dooku was also one of the most powerful Sith to grace the galaxy. However, there are more stories to be told of Dooku.

Discover more of Dooku by listening to this audio-only book, “The Secrets of Dooku: Jedi Lost,” available April 30th!

Written by Cavan Scott, follow the path of Dooku’s assassin, Ventress, as she uncovers the hidden mystery of why her master left the Jedi Order.

The voices of Euan Morton, Orlagh Cassidy, January LaVoy, Marc Thompson, and others will narrate this epic adventure of Dooku.

What intrigues you the most of this audio-only book? Comment below and let us know!

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