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Rumor: Return of Han Solo in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’?

Before you take a dive head-first into this article, we are warning you now that these rumors may be potential spoilers for Episode IX. So please, enter at your own risk.

Han Solo has been one of the most iconic characters and most ‘scruff-looking nerf herder’ on this side of the galaxy for many years. When Han Solo came back for Episode VII, many us didn’t know that that would be the last we would see of Harrison Ford’s counterpart.

However, according to MakingStarWars.net, it appears that good ole’ Han will be back for a role in Episode IX:

The main sequence takes place between Adam Driver and Harrison Ford or Kylo Ren and Han Solo.

One source called it a surprise intervention of sorts.

A source that did not work on or see the sequence believed it takes place when Kylo Ren asks the burned Darth Vader helmet to show him the darkness again.
Luke Skywalker appears to be the twist in the encounter.

The source was paraphrasing but Han Solo tells Ben Solo it isn’t too late and the sequence has a tone of forgiveness and understanding to it.

He’s not a “force ghost” in the classic sense and he’s part of a “vision” or “dream” type moment induced by Luke Skywalker.

As part of the finale of the Skywalker saga, I find it only fitting that we see Han Solo once again as part of the overarching story line for Episode IX. During this time, will we see a possible Luke, Han, and Leia reunion?

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