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Actor Giancarlo Esposito Describes the New Technology Used for The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is one of the most anticipated Star Wars shows ever. After Celebration, leaks of audience-only footage was released all over Youtube where it found itself to be taken down minutes after. Apparently, Disney must be monitoring every move we make! With them, leaks are of the dark side!

Anyways, one of the main cast members, Giancarlo Esposito was able to sit down with Collider and give us some really interesting news regarding the artistry and groundbreaking technology Jon Favreau and George Lucas are using for the set of The Mandalorian.

“I’ve got a great costume. We got great set pieces. I’m not giving anything away because [Jon Favreau] is an artist, truly an artist. [He was] working with George Lucas on this particular piece and making it a piece that we can really relate to now in our world that we’re in. Besides the fact that there are so many Star Wars fans out there that really don’t get enough of this, finally we have a [Star Wars] piece that for the first time ever is shot outside of a London studio.”

He continues on:

“Jon Favreau’s brilliant. Technically, this show has a new technology [that’s] never really [been] refined as much as it is right now. We’re in a place called The Volume, where we do most of our acting, where set pieces are brought in, where we can control the physical atmosphere of what is projected on the walls and control how gravity is; you get a feeling that gravity is being played with. This is a show that’s gonna be really fantastic.”

Okay, hold up! Physical atmosphere? Apparently, they must be taking hints from The Truman Show!

During the production of this show, Favreau and George Lucas have been collaborating a lot on set. For a guy who supposedly sold Lucasfilm and is to be retired, good ole’ George is sure having a lot of impact on the future of Disney’s lucrative Star Wars franchise:

“Well you know what’s cool about Mandalorian is you figure a guy who wrote it, who figured it out with George Lucas, would direct every episode. That would be all ego, right? He has amassed some incredible directors from different parts of the planet to give their take on an episode. I find that to be so phenomenal because then we have new and fresh ideas every single episode, coming into this show, that reflect the fans—because the directors are also fans. They’re from Australia, from England, from wherever you are, it reflects their take of their people on how they saw the original and how they’re going to do it as well. So you get new, fresh energy into a piece that is already energetic because of all the stuff that’s going on on the screen, because of all the technology that they’ve worked out. This is going to be a fantastic show.”

Doesn’t this just fill you full of midichlorians? It sounds like this show is going to go down as one of Disney’s Star Wars classics if all bodes well with the response from the public. But for right now, after seeing some leaked footage, I dare say that Disney may have found there ‘diamond in the rough’ for Star Wars.

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