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Cassian Andor, Benioff/Weiss’ Star Wars Productions Find New Home?

For many years, Pinewood Studios has been home to some of the franchise’s most iconic films. Supposedly, according to MakingStarWars, Benioff & Weiss’ upcoming Star Wars trilogy will take EPIX’s place at Pinewood Studios with the upcoming Cassian Andor series filming in a nearby location of Dagenham. A brief summary of the article gives us insight to these findings:

  • Cassian Andor show is codenamed ‘White Snake’.
  • ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ props are being kept in Dagenham for reshoots.
  • Cassian Andor will film this Fall at the Dagenham studio.
  • TRoS first cut screened at Bad Robot last week.
  • Dagenham studio site is ready to go.
  • Benioff and Weiss is expected to film there.
  • The SW movie hiatus is due to the construction of the new studio and will allow B&W to create the best possible saga without an unreasonable crunch time.
  • Filming is underway at Greenham Common today which is an area TFA filmed but it’s unconfirmed if it’s for SW.

Since Benioff & Weiss’ upcoming trilogy is going to filming at Pinewood Studios, I think it’s safe to say that this saga will be of epic proportions. Rumors have said that its story will take place during the Knights of the Old Republic. None of this is confirmed as of yet but until then, start the discussion by clicking on the link to our Discourse forum below or check out our forum by selecting “forum” via the menu bar up top.

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