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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Music by John Williams Available Now!

Today is the day for exciting news! How much more special can you make your May the 4th celebration? Well, listen to Star Wars music…duh! No, but seriously, John Williams has just released the main soundtrack for Disney Land’s and Disney World’s upcoming theme park’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and you can listen to it now!

The “Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Symphonic Overture Suite,” a track written by John Williams, is among Williams’ most epic overtures and musical pieces to grace our galaxy.

Welcome yourself to the world of Batuu! This new track is available now for purchase and in case you’d like to take a listen to it first, check it out here:

Don’t hold your breath anytime soon because Far, Far Away News has you covered with the latest news and announcements coming to you on May the 4th!

What do you think of John William’s new masterpiece? As always, start the discussion by clicking on the link to our Discourse forum below or by checking out our forum by selecting “forum” via the menu bar up top.

Joseph Forbush
“For my ally is the Force, and a powerful ally it is.” — Yoda

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