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Jody Houser: The Future of Star Wars Comics

Accomplished writer and storyteller, Jody Houser, is no stranger to the galaxy far, far away. Houser has made it clear that Star Wars is best told through comics.

As of this May, two collected editions of the prequel era comic series Age of Republic hit shelves worldwide. Among this series, many favorite prequel era characters each took a turn to shine in the spotlight. Some of these characters included heroes Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Padmé Amidala, and Qui-Gon Jinn, and villains Darth Maul, Count Dooku, Jango Fett, and General Grievous.

In preparation to writing these intriguing stories, Houser read and studied many other Star Wars comics so that her perception of these characters would shine through her own style of storytelling.

“I think writing an Obi-Wan who was unsure of himself was probably the most surprising,” Houser explains. “He’s the first Jedi Master we ever met, and it’s hard not to think of him as that wise old man leading us into a bigger world.”

Another character Houser fell in love with was Padme Amidala. “I see her having watched the Republic she worked and fought her whole life for fall so easily, knowing that this was the galaxy she was bringing children into, as the actual heartbreak,” she expresses. “Anakin and everything he did was a symptom of the larger problem.”

Houser also understands and appreciates the villains of Star Wars as well, such as Count Dooku. “I think the most fascinating thing about Dooku is how far into his fall he still held the Jedi’s trust,” Houser tells StarWars.com. “Whether that implies a duality to him or a fatal flaw of the Jedi (or both) was what I really wanted to examine in his story.”

After writing comics for the prequel era, Houser has come to a broader realization and deeper appreciation of the prequel films. “I’ve watched Episode I and Episode II with friends since I wrote the issues, and I have to be careful not to say ‘I wrote them/that scene/explained that’ every five minutes.”

Houser’s upcoming project, a five-issue comic series, Star Wars: TIE Fighter, has allowed her to focus on a different era of Star Wars. “[TIE Fighter] is concurrent with Return of the Jedi, so having such huge existing set pieces to build the story and timeline around made it easier.” Supposedly, this series will tie in with Alexander Freeds, Alphabet Squadron. “There will be a familiar face among them,” Houser teases.

As May is already upon us, collect Age of Republic- Heroes and Age of Republic- Villains today!

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