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Official Gameplay of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Revealed

Today, Electronic Arts took to the stage to finally reveal the gameplay and in-game action of its upcoming Star Wars game, Jedi: Fallen Order.

During this 13-minute in-game preview, a familiar character appeared to play a major role in the story line. Before the execution of Order 66, Saw Gerrera was known for his wild and self-indulging acts of terror against the Separatists and later on, the Empire. One of the hugest causes of his lack of dignity in war, was the death of his sister. After this tragic event, Saw decided to set out on his own accord to fight the enemy. Unfortunately, many of his decisions were morally questionable and in turn, led to the destruction of many Rebellion plans.

At this point in time in Jedi: Fallen Order, it appears that the main character, Cal Kestis, who is one of the few Jedi survivors after the execution of Order 66, will be teaming up with the likes of Saw Gerrera while also working on his own to take down the Empire. Very little of the story has been revealed, which is no surprise. Luckily though, the gameplay preview has now been made public and its exclusive in-game shots are available here:

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is available now for pre-order and will release November 15th. What do you think of the gameplay? Let us know by starting the discussion by clicking on the link to our Discourse forum below or by checking out our forum by selecting “forum” via the menu bar up top.

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