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‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Panel Cancels Appearance at SDCC

In 2015, ‘The Force Awakens’ was one of the most anticipated films in cinema history. Literally, millions flocked to opening night of this film. However, before its release, J.J. Abrams and cast made sure to treat fans to an appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Unfortunately, even though ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ will be the final installment to the Skywalker saga, J.J. Abrams and cast will not be attending this year’s SDCC according to the Bespin Bulletin:

This is sad news for Star Wars fans, especially when some may have already purchased tickets exclusively to see their favorite characters take to the stage. Some have been speculating of more behind the scenes footage of Episode IX while some have even suggested another teaser trailer. Unfortunately, it looks like none of this will happen at SDCC.

However, don’t give your hopes up because it looks like “Star Wars” will instead be hitting Disney’s D23 Expo later in August. At this same time, we may see a public release of official footage from ‘The Mandalorian’, an exclusive Disney+ TV show coming November 12th.

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