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How a Certain Star Wars Background Prop Connects to ‘The Mandalorian’

Throughout the Star Wars saga, background props have played an essential role in making the audience feel a part of the universe. However, if you’re a casual yet somewhat hardcore Star Wars fan like I am, there is one prop that you possibly never noticed before that actually is quite significant to the saga.

During this one scene in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, you’ll notice this unknown character, Willrow Hood, carrying what looks to be a portable ice cream maker. Yes, you heard me right. But is it, actually? Take a look for yourself:

Would you believe that this character has actually been given a backstory? Well, you’re about to be surprised because he actually has! Supposedly, he’s quite famous. He’s become so beloved among fans that you’ll generally see someone dress up as him at events such as Star Wars Celebration. What’s even crazier is that Hasbro even made him into an action figure! Take that!

If you don’t believe any of what I’m saying, take a look at these clips and decide for yourself:

Believe me now? I sure hope so, because I’m about to answer the biggest question here: What is this guy carrying? It certainly isn’t an ice cream maker, although that wouldn’t be a bad thought, but seriously though, what is it?

Supposedly, io9 solved the mystery. It’s called a camtono:

“The word briefly made it out into the world at Star Wars Celebration earlier this year when, in an extended clip from The Mandalorian that never made it online, Werner Herzog’s character shows the titular bounty hunter a piece of beskar—an ancient, valuable, Mandalorian alloy—and tells him he’ll give him a camtono of it when he completes the mission.

We don’t know what the mission is yet and we don’t know the name of Herzog’s character. What we do know, thanks to a source close to the production, is that a camtono is like a safe or a lock box, Herzog’s character has one full of beskar, and it’s the same item Willrow Hood is running around with in The Empire Strikes Back.”

That’s all cool and all, but how is it connected to the upcoming TV show, ‘The Mandalorian’? According to Slashfilm:

“According to the non-canonical Star Wars Legends, Willrow Hood’s camtono contained a list of Rebel contacts with whom he was supplying discounted gas for their weaponry. The story goes that he took the memory core from his computer, put it in the camtono, and then destroyed it. But since the Legends stories fell by the wayside when Lucasfilm was acquired by Disney, there’s a chance that story could be altered.”

How cool is that?! In fact, last October, Jon Favreau shared a photo of the camtono on the set of his upcoming Disney+ TV show, ‘The Mandalorian’:

One has to ask this question: Is this the same camtono that Willrow Hood carried in ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ and are those same Rebel contacts still inside? If I had a hunch, information like that seems like something a bounty hunter would want to get his grimy little finger prints all over. We won’t know for certain until November, but until then, make sure to check back here for the latest on everything Star Wars!

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