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Canceled Dewback Ride at Galaxy’s Edge?

Oh, how the dewbacks have changed. But have they? Well, apparently so, especially when they get the hatchet when it comes to being able to ride one at Galaxy’s Edge!

Yes, you heard me right. Imagine being able to ride on the back of a dewback at Galaxy’s Edge! At least, that was the idea.

According to Nick Tierce on Twitter, a third ride at Galaxy’s Edge was in the works before it got cancelled and ultimately, failed to make its appearance. Before you start crying, I suggest you grab a tissue before you take a look at what “could’ve been”:

Can you imagine riding on the back of that glorious beast? I know, it’s hard but don’t feel bad because here is some good news. Do you wonder if they’ll ever have a third ride at Galaxy’s Edge? Guess what… Yes! Each land has a 3rd “expansion pad” for an additional ride. Sadly, don’t expect them to be implemented for the next several years.

All of us can speculate as to why this ride didn’t meet the mark for Disney’s standards, but a good one can guess that it was due to safety hazards and other reasons that us Star Wars fans couldn’t really care about. We just want to ride a dewback! Is that too much to ask?!

No matter what lays in store for the future of this ride, all we can hope is that these precious dewbacks get another fighting chance.

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