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Mark Hamill’s First ‘Star Wars’ Screen Test AND Remastered Unaltered OT Footage Released

It’s hard to believe how far Star Wars has come since its release back in 1977. As a young fan myself, it’s incredible to think about how different society was back then compared to it is today. Today, Star Wars is so easily accessible through mediums such as the internet, DVD’s, Blu-ray’s, books, comics, and more!

Star Wars has grown tremendously in popularity and at first, little did Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford know at the time that what they were auditioning for would create a fan base of millions of followers and die-hard fans! Absolutely incredible.

What really brings tears of joy and gratitude is when nostalgic and sentimental archives of Star Wars in its early-days emerges for fans to enjoy, cherish, and savor. In fact, Mark Hamill took to Twitter to share his experience with his very first screen test for Star Wars. Check it out:

Wow, are we grateful that they “never did talk about it later- [they] just did it”! Seriously, without Ford and Hamill, Star Wars wouldn’t be where it is today. They are some of the heart and soul of what it means to be a fan of the galaxy far, far away.

Speaking of footage, a fellow fan on Reddit user u/RogueKnite196 shared:

“I was catching up on some TV this weekend & was watching CNN’s new series, “The Movies.” The latest chapter was about 1970’s cinema & the very last segment was about Star Wars (1977). While watching, I couldn’t help but notice they use 2 clips from the unaltered version of Star Wars (1977). The first clip is Han (only) shooting first & the second is the original footage of the Death Star blowing up (without the explosion ring Lucas would later go on to add).

This development is noteworthy because it’s the first time unaltered Star Wars has been used in major media since the 90’s. Plus it and the other footage are both in HD. It’s to my understanding this is the first time restored complete (unaltered) Star Wars has been shown in any official capacity.

Sorry for the SD quality! I couldn’t find the clip online & my setup for recording TV shows is archaic.”

Apology accepted, Captain Needa. In fact, an apology isn’t necessary! This is huge news for those who love going back in time and witnessing the unaltered version of Star Wars. Why? Because unfortunately, any remastered footage of this version has yet to be released to the public for resale. All you can find of unaltered footage are horrible quality film transfers posted on YouTube, which at this point, we have become accustomed to due to the lack of better footage elsewhere.

Another vital piece of information that this brings up is that if CNN was given remastered unaltered footage of the original Star Wars films, this means that this kind of footage exists! Goodbye, to those darn rumors and speculation! All fans can hope for now is that this is a sign that Disney will soon release these versions for public resale.

Whether it’s Mark Hamill’s first Star Wars screen test or waiting for Disney to release the remastered unaltered version of the original Star Wars films, it’s always wise to focus on the present and not too much on the future; for those who focus too much on the future can be more easily swayed by the Dark side.

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