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Galaxy’s Edge TV Special AND Skywalker Saga Re-release

Galaxy’s Edge has been one of the biggest attractions that Disney has ever released. Not only could it be a totally separate park in and of itself, but it has brought in a lot of newcomers to Disney Parks altogether.

In fact, Galaxy’s Edge is getting so popular that it will have its own two-hour TV special debuting on Freeform TV on September 26th. News of this came from Jordan Maison, Editor-in-Chief of Cinelinx via Twitter:

Besides Galaxy’s Edge getting it’s own TV special, for the first time in a few years, Disney will be re-releasing the entire Skywalker saga and other Star Wars tales like Solo and Rogue one again on DVD and Blu-ray coming September 22nd. The box art for these re-releases have already been leaked and to be honest, look quite stunning! Check them out:

What do you think about these stunning covers and Galaxy’s Edge getting its own TV special? It’s an exciting time to be a Star Wars fan! If you are looking for trustworthy reliable Star Wars news, make sure to make your way back here for the latest news and updates about everything Star Wars.

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