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Black Series Line-Up Announced for Triple Force Friday?

Merchandise such as figures, models, LEGO, etc. have played a vital and profitable role in bringing Star Wars to life for millions of fans around the world. Not only can a miniaturized Darth Vader bring out those dark-side feelings inside of us, but collecting these items have turned into a hobby or even a job for some- from a certain point of view.

Whether it’s collectors or just casual online shoppers of the Star Wars fandom, no matter what kind of fan you are, one can appreciate when leaks of upcoming merchandise is heading your way.

For those who aren’t too familiar with the whole Star Wars collector’s world, Yakface is considered to be the most reliable Star Wars merch scooper among fans. Yakface goes undercover to discover merchandise codenames in store systems. Recently, he’s figured out some codenames from other product listings related to the Black Series merch coming later this year on Triple Force Friday. Because of Yakface, now we have the list:

As you can see, some of our most favorite characters will make their way to your living room shelves soon enough. Until Triple Force Friday arrives October 4th, only then will we know the true nature of this leak.

For further leaks regarding Star Wars collectors worldwide, make sure to check out the official forum of Yakface.

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