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‘Blockbuster’ News Looming on the Horizon for Star Wars Films

No matter how sweet the taste is of the blue milk at Galaxy’s Edge, something far sweeter and more satisfying is when fans get the taste of some exciting news on upcoming Star Wars films.

Yes, you heard that right! It looks like that as soon as next week, we’ll be getting some exciting news about upcoming Star Wars films.

According to @Sleemo on Twitter:

What does this exactly mean? Well, for the record, The Force Awakens entertainment weekly issue came out August 14, 2015 and The Last Jedi’s arrived on August 9, 2017. I’ve got a good feeling that we could get one for The Rise of Skywalker next week. Another option is that we could get a BTS sizzle reel for TRoS and let’s be honest, this would be the preferred option. However, it would seem unlikely that we would get any EPIX footage before Disney‘s D23 Expo in the next couple weeks. If something as significant as a BTS reel would appear beforehand though, it would surely be welcomed with open arms no matter the circumstance.

Another source to confirm such news is Formula Money:

“It’s about the movies”. Wow. Holy cryptic, Batman! Wait, wrong universe. But seriously, this isn’t just your casual Mark Hamill retweet. It really is happening- we’ll be getting some exciting news next week and we’ll be looking forward to it. In fact, with Disney’s D23 Expo coming in the next couple weeks, this month looks to be shaping up to be a historical one!

Trust me, news can sometimes take awhile to get to one end of the galaxy, but with Far, Far Away News, you’ll always be one of the first to know. Make sure to check back here for some of the most intriguing and engaging news surrounding everything Star Wars.

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