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Lucasfilm Animation Aims to Bolster Its Image

Lucasfilm Animation, famous for there animated series The Clone Wars and Rebels, have come quite a long way in terms of developing amazing Star Wars content. Now, it looks like they’ve developed something new just for themselves.

According to Yakface, it looks like Lucasfilm Animation has finally decided to update their image and add a little pazaz to their ever growing brand.

As you can see, Lucasfilm Animation’s logo has incorporated a Clone Wars-themed style. In connection with their new logo, here are two things that were associated with its filing:

88605560 G & S:  Entertainment services in the field of film and television, namely, the creation, production of films, videos, animation, and computer generated images; animation production services.

88605539 G & S: Pre-recorded CD-ROMs, compact discs, and DVDs and downloadable audiovisual files featuring pre-recorded films, animation, games, music, computer game software and video game software; downloadable interactive entertainment software for playing computer games and video games; video game software and manuals sold as a unit; interactive video game programs; interactive computer game programs featuring science fiction, action, adventure, animation, drama, or music; interactive multimedia software; interactive multimedia game software.”


With Lucasfilm Animation trying to associate their brand with The Clone Wars, I wouldn’t be at all shocked to see more Clone Wars-themed surprises in the future.

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