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The Rise of Skywalker Reshoots Mean Trouble?

Reshoots, reshoots, reshoots- and more reshoots! Seriously, reshoots are a part of the game when it comes to filming any Hollywood blockbuster, especially for Star Wars. The whole reshoot game is something that the Star Wars franchise has had to do in the past on many occasions and now, it appears that The Rise of Skywalker is continuing on with this tradition.

Let’s first slam on the brakes real quick before you start thinking the worst. Reshoots don’t mean that a film is in the gutter. In fact, on many occasions, it means that the director just wants to do a little bit of some minor clean up work and make sure everything is up to snuff. When you’re filming a huge blockbuster film like Star Wars, you want everything just right.

Now, there have been some rumors making their way across social media and the web that The Rise of Skywalker is doing reshoots, so that means it’s in trouble! Ladies and gentlemen, this is far from the truth.

Just to be devil’s advocate here, but there have been times that reshoots did spell trouble. Many thought that Rogue One would be a hot mess and Solo as well due to all the last-minute reshoots. Guess what? They turned out to be amazing movies! Any time someone spreads a rumor about reshoots, make sure to wait a couple days for a reliable source like Jordan Maison to calm the storm.

I, for one, will not let rumors sway me from watching The Rise of Skywalker on December 20th.

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