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Exclusive Look at Star Wars on Disney+

Right now, being a Star Wars fan living in the Netherlands doesn’t sound too bad. Especially when you get Disney+ absolutely free until it officially goes live on November 12th. After that, it’s time to pull out the credit card. Luckily though, Disney+ is offered at a killer $6.99 per month price point that not even big video tycoons such as Netflix can keep up with.

Disney is using the Netherlands as a pilot launch for Disney+ to gauge customer’s first impressions and possibly fix any problems before the official release. However, a few tidbits that were given during this pilot-run were quite interesting.

When Disney+ is released, Rogue One will be available in 4K! Since Disney is allowing a 4K stream of this popular Star Wars title, this lends credence to the fact that an official 4K Blu-ray of Rogue One will probably be released in the near future.

Besides that, it looks like Clone Wars episodes will not be categorized chronologically, but by release date.

But hey, who cares when you get awesome movie thumbnails for every episode in the Skywalker saga!

Unfortunately, this is all that’s been leaked in terms of Star Wars on Disney+, but I’d expect to see much more in the near future as Disney inches their way to releasing one of the biggest video streaming services in history. With Amazon, Netflix, and now Disney trying to compete for the top spot, expect to see a showdown that might involve lightsabers.

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