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Jon Favreau Hints at Star Wars Holiday Special PLUS Rian Johnson Unsure of When He’ll Begin His Star Wars Trilogy

Nothing is better than celebrating the holidays and sitting around a fireplace while watching the Star Wars Holiday Special. OK, sure it’s definitely nothing I’d consider a classic or a must-watch, but it sure is something that if you’re a Star Wars fan, you have to watch at least once.

If watching the Star Wars Holiday Special still has left a bad taste in your mouth, have you ever considered someone taking on the mantle of making another one someday? Well, according to Jon Favreau, he’s calling on all Star Wars fans to get the word out and ask for another one! Because hey, maybe you’ll see one on Disney+.

Some may say that this should be a hard “no,” but in all honesty, when you have an amazing director like Jon Favreau behind the wheel, it’s almost certain to turn out well. As Star Wars fans, we talk about redemption a lot and with Ben Solo not sure of himself and who he is, we all need to believe that even the Star Wars Holiday Special can be redeemed as well.

Although another Star Wars Holiday Special would be a nice treat for some, larger and more important projects have been the focal point of Disney’s success with the Star Wars franchise- including Rian Johnson’s upcoming trilogy.

As of late, Rian Johnson has been asked time and time again whether he’s still doing his Star Wars trilogy and every time, it all leads back to the same answer- yes! No matter the rumors, Disney and Rian Johnson are still committed to this trilogy. However, still no timetable has been confirmed as of yet.

With the likes of Rian Johnson’s original film Knives Out looking to be a real home run, Rian is still lying in wait for something substantial and concrete before he plans anymore of his own original films.

“The truth is they’re [Lucasfilm] still figuring out their schedule, their game plan. If it’s possible for me to squeeze in another film before or while working on that, I will.

Rian Johnson

So, there you have it. Rian Johnson’s trilogy is still happening, but Lucasfilm has yet to determine the timing and game plan of what they want to happen for the future of Star Wars.

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