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Solo Spin-Off Disney+ TV Show in the Works?

Shortly after the release of Solo: A Star Wars Story was released in theaters, many Star Wars fans like me were expecting some news of a sequel. Unfortunately, we still have yet to hear of any news regarding plans of another Solo movie. However, it looks like Disney might be taking an alternate route with Solo.

Just like how rumors of a Kenobi movie have been spiraling out of control for years, it finally was announced at D23 that it too would be getting the TV show treatment. In all honesty, what better way to lure people to subscribe to Disney+ than to have shows of your favorite Star Wars characters? Like seriously, it’s genius! Believe me, I already bought my 3-year subscription to Disney+ already!

But like I was saying, going the TV show route is best, especially when mistakes were made by Disney’s big brass.

“I made the timing decision, and as I look back, I think the mistake that I made — I take the blame — was a little too much, too fast. You can expect some slowdown, but that doesn’t mean we’re not going to make films. J.J. [Abrams] is busy making [Episode] IX. We have creative entities, including [Game of Thrones creators David] Benioff and [D.B.] Weiss, who are developing sagas of their own, which we haven’t been specific about. And we are just at the point where we’re going to start making decisions about what comes next after J.J.’s. But I think we’re going to be a little bit more careful about volume and timing. And the buck stops here on that.”

Bob Iger, Disney CEO

Although this is speculation, I believe that Bob was referring directly to Solo. Was Solo the failure that the media was making it out to be? No. Did it reach or surpass expectations? No. However, again, it was not a failure. Unless you believe a $392 million worldwide box office to be a failure. Surely, it was a combination of mistakes and errors. This is why going the TV show route with spin-offs is absolutely brilliant.

Speaking of Solo, with the #MakeSolo2Happen trending on Twitter on a few occasions, it has definitely made its way to the big brass at Disney. In fact, it looks like Disney has finally heard and is listening!

“Back in June of 2018, MakingStarWars reported that some kind of “Mos Eisley” film was in development at Pinewood Studios UK, and it was postponed when Disney changed their stance on the Star Wars spin off films.

It’s very possible that like with the Obi-Wan Disney+ series, the work done on that Mos Eisley project is being repurposed for Disney+ and that’s what this “Solo” spin-off has evolved from. Lucasfilm never really throws away anything, as stories from the Underworld television series were repurposed for many different things over the last few years.

With no new Star Wars movie until 2022, Disney+ is where people will find new Star Wars content between the end of the Skywalker saga and the beginning of a new one. There are apparently some unannounced Star Wars projects for the streaming service (both live action and animated), and if this rumor is true; one of those will take its inspiration from characters or elements from Solo: A Star Wars Story.”

Star Wars Unity

Not only is this news exciting, but it will be exciting to see a conclusion to the story of Solo that was never completed. If you remember, Solo left the story off with a cliffhanger that revealed Han Solo’s ex-girlfriend dealing with the likes of Darth Maul as part of some major crime syndicate, Crimson Dawn.

Sure, all of these rumors are far from being confirmed as of yet, but even the likes of Jordan Maison have seemed to have been hearing some whisperings of a series involving Crimson Dawn as well.

Again, nothing is official as of yet, but when whispers begin, fingers-crossed, good things will follow.

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