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Joel Edgerton’s Return as Owen Lars Sparks Talks of Young Luke

Owen Lars, stepbrother to Anakin Skywalker, might not be the only one returning to the Star Wars universe. I mean, heck, if Obi-Wan is coming back, they might as well bring them all back. But just between you and me, let’s keep Jar Jar out of this one.

In Episode II of the Skywalker saga, in search of his mother, Anakin Skywalker returned to the sand-swept planet of Tatooine where he met his relatives, including his stepbrother, Owen Lars. During their brief encounter, Owen asked Anakin, “Where are you going?” Anakin replied, “To find my mother.” This is where it all began for Joel Edgerton.

But don’t worry about Joel, for him, the party has only just begun. Recently, rumors broke out of his potential return to the Star Wars universe as Owen Lars during an interview with Josh Horowitz. Josh knows the entertainment industry inside and out and believe me, he knows when actors are acting a little off and trying to evade uncomfortable questions. In this case, this was nothing short of the truth.

In all honesty, Josh is most likely correct with his assumption. It’s not just correct, but it totally makes sense as well. With the upcoming Obi-Wan Disney+ series to begin filming in the near future, and rumors of it taking place on the familiar planet of Tatooine, it would be quite weird NOT to see Owen Lars back in some limited role as part of the story.

Owen raised Luke as a child on Tatooine after the fall of his stepbrother, Anakin. After Vader’s rise to power through the help of Emperor Palpatine, Obi-Wan separated Anakin’s children, Luke and Leia, to protect them from the hands of Emperor. During this time, Owen and his wife Beru, raised Luke as their own and kept his family’s past secret.

Now, here is something to think about. Since the Kenobi series is confirmed to take place eight years after Revenge of the Sith, does this mean that we might finally get to see a young Luke Skywalker? I’d like to think so. If Joel Edgerton is in fact returning as Owen Lars in the upcoming Kenobi series, don’t be surprised if we see a young Luke running around the Lars homestead guzzling down a cup of that cold refreshing blue bantha milk or learning how to shoot down womp rats in his T-16.

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