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Rating Some of Your Favorite Star Wars Books

Ever since Disney bought out Star Wars, they have been pumping out a lot of content. While we may be the most familiar with the movies and TV shows, there have also been many new books too. As of right now, there are around 50 canon novels and that number is quickly growing. If you choose to include other books, like children’s books, that number will increase even more.

I must admit I am somewhat new to reading Star Wars novels, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the books I’ve read, and I’ve started to burn through some of them. I love storytelling and Star Wars, and the novels are a great way to add to my addiction. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I am hoping to spread this enjoyment. So, I am going to start reviewing and rating the books I have read so you will have a better idea of which books are worth reading. While it is only one person’s opinion, I hope my thoughts will help you out!

The purpose of this article is to introduce to you the system I will use for rating and reviewing each book (I want to note I will only review canon novels). They will largely be spoiler-free, but to discuss the book I must include some minor parts of the story. The end result of each review will include a score out of 100 for the book. The score and system are meant to limit my bias as much as possible. This will give you some idea of the quality of the book and if you should check it out. The rest of this article will include the format of the book review and explanations for each section (my rating system was inspired by the one created by Book Roast).


This first section is going to describe the general content of the book. Things like the page count, author(s), the book’s timeline (when it occurs in the Star Wars universe), and main characters will be addressed, along with any additional information that I deem necessary. The point is to give you some background information on the book going into the review.

Gut Feeling

This is going to be my immediate emotional reaction soon after finishing the book. I am not including any points for this section because I want it to just be my raw feelings, and it is likely to be biased since it will be opinionated. These feelings are likely to vary from person to person, but it is still important since books are meant to be exciting and elicit emotional responses from the reader.

Characters (20 pts)

For characters, I will look at the relatability, development, and depth of the characters. Also, if the characters in the novel are rather popular, I will examine what the books adds to them. Is it just a fun novel portraying the character, or does it actually develop the character?

Writing Style (20 pts)

This section will largely deal with the flow and content of the writing. In other words, does the book read well and is the author able to say a lot with a few words. It also refers to how the story is told, and not just the story itself. Is it complex, or is it rather simple? Either could be good, depending on the novel itself, and I will interpret the effectiveness of the author’s writing style to the best of my ability.

Plot (20 pts)

For the plot, I will focus on the development of the story itself and how it flows. For example, does the book successfully build-up to an exciting climax with a satisfying conclusion? And what perspective(s) is the story told from? There will be differences in the analysis of the plot depending on the book, but that will be the main format.

Intrigue (20 pts)

Intrigue deals with how compelled I felt by the book. If I had the feeling that I couldn’t put down the book, it will score high in this category. This will probably vary from person to person, but intrigue is crucial to the experience of reading since it motivates the reader to keep reading. This may be the most biased section that includes points, but I will try to leave any emotions of mine out of it.

What does it add? (20 pts)

These last two sections will deal with more Star Wars specific ideas. Any good Star Wars book should add something to the universe. If it is through additional information about the force or main characters, a good book should make me view the movies or TV shows with a different perspective. For example, after reading a book like Catalyst that is meant to supplement Rogue One, I should watch Rogue One with a different, and better, perspective.

Logic (xx pts)

For logic, the book will only be able to lose points. This is based on the idea that all Star Wars content should logically fit in with the rest of the universe. If something in the book makes me think that it doesn’t logically make sense, or if it messes with the movies in any way, it will lose some points for lacking logic. For example, Admiral Holdo taking her ship through light speed through Snoke’s cruiser would lose points for logic because it raises the question “why hasn’t that been done before?”

Final Thoughts

My final score for the book out of 100 will be put in this final section. The rating system will be based on traditional school letter grades with pluses and minuses. Once I get a few book reviews out, I may even compare it to other books I’ve reviewed. If I have any additional closing thoughts, they will also appear here. So, I hope you’ll look forward to reading the Star Wars novels and this book review series should help with which ones you will want to read! My final thought is if you have any books you want me to read or review, please email me at christiancorah@gmail.com and I may give them a look!

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Christian Corah
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