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Top 5 Potential Star Wars Disney+ TV Shows

Disney+ is set to launch in a little over a month and with it we’re getting our first ever true, cinema quality live action Star Wars TV show. With directors like John Favreau and Dave Filoni behind it, expectations are super high for the show. Not to mention the upcoming Cassian Andor show and the much-anticipated Obi-Wan series. 

Needless to say, expectations are high for the streaming service, but what’s really cool about something like Disney+ is that it opens up a ton of opportunities for new Star Wars content. Giving them opportunities to explore stories and characters that may not be suited for the big screen but fit perfectly in an hour-long TV show setting. 

Today, I thought we’d count down my top 5 potential Star Wars shows for Disney+.

Honorable Mention: Star Wars “What If?”

So, I’m putting this as an honorable mention because I love the idea, but there is absolutely zero chance that they do this. While there is precedent with the “Star Wars Infinities” comic series, it’s doubtful that Disney would make an entire show dedicated to exploring alternate timelines, as it would seem a little silly. 

But tell me you’ve never wanted to see a high-quality show or movie of “What if Anakin defeated Obi-Wan?” or “What if Luke joined Vader?” or “What if Leia went to Tatooine and Luke to Alderaan?”

You know it’d be awesome, but there’s no way it happens so that’s why it didn’t make our top 5. 

#5: Thrawn 

You’d have to mess with Canon a bit on this one, but with some small changes to a few things you could absolutely make it work. 

The reason for this one is simple. Go ask any hardcore Star Wars fan, “What book should I start within the EU?” 

And 90% of them will give you the same answer… “the Thrawn Trilogy” the guy is an immensely popular character and for good reason. I’m about halfway through the first book right now and I literally can’t put it down,  

For those of you that don’t know, the Thrawn trilogy takes place a few years after ROTJ and centers around a character, Imperial Grand Admiral Thrawn as he tries to re-establish imperial rule over the galaxy as he takes on the fledgling New Republic.

Again, this one isn’t super likely to happen as it would take some finagling with canon to make it work, and a recasting of the original trio. But it’s one I know fans are clamoring for.

The show would be absolutely incredible if they did it, and I think I know just the actor to play the big bad, but that’s a story for another time. 

#4: Darth Bane: Rule of Two

So, without trying to make this list “top 5 legends books that need to be on Disney+” there needs to be exploration into Darth Bane’s story. Bane is officially canon, though just barely, but since his story takes place over 1000 years before the original trilogy, you can do just about anything you want without interfering with the new canon.

The Sith have always been one of my favorite parts of Star Wars. Their lore, seemingly endless struggles with the Jedi, and the God-like powers of the ancient Sith lords have always absolutely fascinated me, and the Bane book trilogy is no exception to that.

As Yoda says in Episode 1, “Always two there are, no more, no less,” and this story establishes why that’s the case. Darth Bane sees a fatal flaw in the Sith Order in a time when their numbers rivaled that of the Jedi. Ambition and lust for power would cause less powerful Sith to gang up and take down one of the dark lords in a power struggle, weakening the order. The only solution to this problem that Bane sees is to shrink the orders number down to two. A master to embody power, and an apprentice to crave it. The Sith would then operate in the shadows rather than in large demonstrations of military might, culminating in the events of the prequels. 

This series explores the lore of the Force as well as the Jedi and Sith in a way that has been sorely lacking in Disney Star Wars and this series could be an awesome way to bring that into the fold.

#3: Vader 

Ever since Rogue One, I’ve desperately wanted more of Darth Vader on screen, and we may be running out of time for that to happen. Not to be morbid here, but James Earl Jones is 88 years old, and as much as I want him to live forever, powerful in the Force is he, but not that powerful. And you simply can’t recast this one. 

But a Vader show would be absolutely incredible. So many things you could explore. His relationship with the Emperor, and the Imperial officers, dealing with the guilt of Padme’s death, hunting down the remaining Jedi who survived Order 66. All of it would be super compelling and would play very well on TV. 

One of the things that has happened since the release of the prequels and subsequent Star Wars content is that the OT Vader has become far less menacing than he used to be. Go watch that last scene in Rogue One, then watch his lightsaber fight with Obi Wan in ANH, knowing that it supposedly takes place only a few days later. Did Vader have a stroke we were unaware of in that time? I don’t know about you, but I need some “Vader is just a juggernaut tank” action on screen, and I need it now. 

#2: Adventures of Han & Chewie

There are all kinds of directions you can take this one. You could make it almost a buddy cop comedy, a heist show, anything. But here’s what we know. We have about a 10-year span of Han and Chewie stories before we get to A New Hope, and Solo went ahead and dropped this bombshell of “Oh hi Darth Maul” at the end. There are so many things to explore with this, and I think it could have the potential to be the most “Star Wars feeling” out of all of these with that 30’s TV serial, Flash Gordon type action with all the fun chase scenes, daring escapes, and space cowboy action you could ever want.

There’s a huge contingent of fans who absolutely loved Solo despite its lack of commercial success, and I believe this would be immensely popular.

And while maybe new Solo content doesn’t fit super well in a 2-hour feature film, I would love to see new stuff in 45 minutes to 1-hour bursts on Disney+. 

#1: The Old Republic 

So, I have a slightly different take on this than most people. I 100% do not want to see the KOTOR story made into a movie, I think it’s a horrible idea, but that’s going to be the topic of my next video. I do however think the story fits super well in the context of a Disney+ show. In fact, I think if done right, this could become THE flagship Star Wars content on the platform. Now I know a lot of this branches out into Old Canon, but hear me out, you can ABSOLUTELY do this story without impacting a single thing in new canon.

There are a ton of options here. You could do just the KOTOR game story, and that would be awesome. But you could expand beyond that and make this series truly epic. What if you started with the Mandalorian wars and took the series all the way up through the Revan book by Drew Karpyshyn. You could even leave it open to do some stuff with the Sith Empire and the Republic in the great galactic war. 

Tell me that wouldn’t be incredible. Tell me you don’t want to see a massive war between the armies of the Jedi and the Sith in full force. 

But at minimum I hope we get some sort of dive into the story of Revan in the KOTOR game. Because that is a character that is just too good to not put in some major content.

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