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9 Star Wars Stories After The Skywalker Saga

By now we have all seen the final trailer for The Rise of Skywalker, and the last trailer for a movie in the Skywalker Saga forever! The trailer was thrilling, emotional, and emphasized the idea that this is it for this specific story in the Star Wars universe. Now Star Wars stories will be made forever. Disney didn’t cough up four billion dollars to make a few standalone movies and create a sequel trilogy, the question remains though– where does Star Wars go from here? I’ve put nine stories that could happen going forward in Star Wars. These will be simple speculations on where Star Wars could go, and to cast a wider net of ideas we will not talk about anything that has been confirmed by Disney, so sorry Kenobi, Clone Wars, and so on. I’ve also chosen the number nine because there were nine chapters in the Skywalker Saga, so this number just makes sense. Also, these aren’t ranked in a specific order, just nine stories. 

9. A Young Palpatine Show

This would be a story about how Sheev Palpatine was trained in the ways of the force from Darth Plagueis and reveals how he killed his master. This would go into detail on their relationship while showing how Palpatine has always been plotting, even years before the events of The Phantom Menace. You could tie this movie into the original, prequel, and sequel trilogies showing how he has been planning everything from the very start. This show could also examine the different aspects of the sith and their inner workings. 

Platform: Live-action Disney Plus show. 

Showrunner: James Manos Jr., creator of Dexter and writer of The Sopranos and The Shield 

Cast: Matt Smith as Palpatine, and Bill Nighy as Darth Plagueis via motion capture

8. Darth Vader Movie

This would be a movie that looks at everyone’s favorite bad guy, Darth Vader and the events between Revenge of the Sith and Rogue One. This movie would look at Vader hunting down the remaining of the Jedi that survived Order 66. It would have the same dark tone and intensity that the last third of Rogue One had, but for a two-hour movie. This movie could also dive into the trauma post prequels that Vader has dealt with and further develop his character in that regard. The tricky part with this movie would be there is already so much on Vader in the new canon through books and comics you would have to pick a period that doesn’t have a lot of Vader stories so far. 

Platform: Wide release movie

Writer / Director: Steve Lightfoot, creator of The Punisher, a producer on Narcos and Hannibal

Cast: Hayden Christensen/James Earl Jones as Vader, and Matt Smith as Palpatine 

7. What If…? Star Wars Series

This would be very similar to Marvel’s Disney Plus show by the same title. You would take different situations in the Star Wars Canon, and you could even dive into the Legends category. This would have endless possibilities on the stories that could be told and could be broken into super short 12-20-minute episodes. Some examples of the stories would be if Anakin never turned to the dark side if Luke turned to the dark side, Qui-Gon Jinn never died, if Palpatine never killed his master Plagueis, etc. You could reach a wide range of audiences, those who love canon and those who love legends all while answering some of the biggest hypotheticals in the Star Wars universe. 

Platform: Animated Disney Plus

Showrunner: David Filoni. Filoni did a remarkable job writing and running Rebels and Clone Wars it makes a ton of sense that he would help create this animated show. 

6. Rule of Two Series

This would be an excellent adaptation to Legends material that a lot of fans are craving. It would center it around Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Bane and his creation of the Sith Rule of Two. This would more be a movie, or multiple movies going over Darth Bane, the Sith Wars and creation of the Rule of Two. There is a lot of material in the Legends stories that would help guide this story, and with so much story this would fit best as a TV series. It could be a limited series like the Kenobi series where it would be six to eight hour-long episodes or multiple seasons like The Mandalorian is expected to be. It just seems like there is far too much story to have it be a single movie or even a trilogy; it flows better as a television show. 

Platform: Disney Plus Live-Action TV Show

Showrunner: Vince Gilligan, creator, and writer of Breaking Bad.

Cast: Dave Bautista as Darth Bane 

5. Han Solo Movie or TV Show

This would pick up right after 2018’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. A lot of fans seem to want this story done as a TV show, but I see it working either as a movie or a live-action show. I thought Solo was great and have been itching for more of that story. The reveal of *SPOILER ALERT* Darth Maul at the end was a perfect tease of what story could be next in this specific story of the Star Wars Universe. They also teased a journey to Tatooine intertwining The Hutts into a wider Canon lens. The cast in this movie seemed to have genuine chemistry which made this movie so much fun to watch, and I hope it is not the last we see of them.

Platform: Disney Plus Live-Action TV Show

Showrunner: Ron Howard (director of Solo), Jonathan & Lawrence Kasdan, who were the writers of Solo. For this story to work, you need consistency. The first step in that is to establish the same writers and directors that were used in the first chapter of this specific story.

Cast: Everyone that was in Solo needs to reprise this role in the movie for this to truly work.

4. Thrawn Movie 

Thrawn is a very interesting character. He has become one of the fan-favorite villains in both Canon and Legends stories. I think for this movie to work you would have to write the story after Star Wars Rebels. It was rumored that Thrawn survived the jump to hyperspace along with Ezra Bridger. Thrawn’s story is mostly filled with books by Timothy Zahn and the only part that has a story to be told is post Rebels. You could create a story where Thrawn and Ezra are stuck in space and need to try to work together to get back to some sort of civilization. Maybe they encounter some mysterious being that has ties to the dark side of the force. There is a lot of mystery with both characters after the events of Rebels and there needs to be some conclusion to that story. You can fill in the audience on who Thrawn and Ezra are through flashbacks to try to not alienate the audience and have this be a standalone move. 

Platform: Wide release standalone movie.

Writer / Director: Timothy Zahn. Thrawn is Zahn’s character, there is no reason that he should not write this movie and be the creator of this standalone movie. Yes, he comes from a book-writing background, but I see no reason he couldn’t help make this movie successful. 

Cast: Timothy Olyphant as Thrawn and Taylor Gray as Ezra Bridger

3. Vader’s Secret Apprentice Movie

This would be the adaptation of the video game The Force Unleashed. Although I am hesitant about adaptations of video games into movies, this is a story that would be great to be seen on screen. You would follow around ex-Jedi turned Darth Vader apprentice Galen Marek and tell the story of how he turns to the dark side, learns from Vader and his ultimately moral battle between the light and the dark. This could easily be a one-off movie or expand it into two movies, but anything past that might be a little much. This could end up being an almost psychological thriller around this apprentice that Vader is hiding from Palpatine. You could also intertwine this plot into a Vader movie or show if Lucasfilm ever goes that route.

Platform: Wide release movie. 

Writer / Director: Denis Villeneuve, Director of Blade Runner 2049

Cast: Sam Witwer as Galen Marek and Hayden Christensen as Darth Vader

2. Ahsoka Tano Movie

Ashoka is another individual similar to Thrawn where she has a ton of material already written about her, so finding her placement in the always-expanding canon is a difficult task. With the ambiguous ending to her arc in Rebels, it feels that her story could pick up after that. It could be a similar plot where maybe she’s stuck in the voids of space and has to put together pieces to escape or get to another civilized story. This would be a story of survival and perseverance. Tano is one of the most widely loved characters in all of Star Wars and by getting her movie, it would further cement her legacy as one of the best Star Wars characters of all time. 

Platform: Wide release movie

Writer / Director: Patty Jenkins, director, and writer on Wonder Woman

Cast: Zoe Saldana as Ashoka Tano 

1. Republic Commando Movie

This would be another video game adaptation of the same. This would be a war movie without a doubt and would have a similar tone to Rogue One or Fury. This would follow a group of Commando Strom Troopers battling in the Clone Wars in different situations and on a variety of planets. This would be like a Seal Team Six of Clone Troopers you are following around. This would allow for a deep dive into discovering who these troopers are, which the Clone Wars television show started to do, but it would be great to see a live-action version. Rogue One promised to be a Zero Dark Thirty but in space. It partially delivered on this, but it was like all other Star Wars stories. This could divert from the typical Star Wars tropes and create a new, dark story that all fans might find some enjoyment in. 

Platform: Wide release movie

Writer / Director: Kathryn Bigelow, writer, and director of Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker

Cast: Anthony Mackie, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Michael Ealy as Clone Troopers

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