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‘The Sin’, The Mandalorian Chapter 3 Breakdown

Synopsis (Spoilers!)

Although Mando is hesitant about what the plans are with Baby Yoda, he still hands Baby Yoda over and collects the reward. Mando gets much beskar steel because of this and gets new armor made from it. This is where we are introduced to more Mandalorians and some conflict between them and Mando. As Mando attempts to leave for his new job, he is again reminded of Baby Yoda, and he finally gives in and decides to go back for him. This move by Mando puts a major target on his back, and he was soon backed down by all of the bounty hunters in the area. Although Mando fought valiantly, it appeared that he was going to be giving his life to save Baby Yoda. This was until Mando’s fellow Mandalorians came in to save him and allowed him to get to his ship. The episode ends as Mando takes Baby Yoda into hyperspace.


I’ll start with what everyone rightly loves about this episode. Mando breaking out with Baby Yoda with the assistance of his fellow Mandalorians was definitely one of the cooler scenes that we have seen in Star Wars. Strictly considering live-action Star Wars, we have only seen one Mandalorian on screen at a time. Even when The Mandalorian was announced, we never really expected to see many Mandalorians on-screen fighting simultaneously. It was a great climax for an episode that featured Mando being a stud but still needed a way out of a tricky situation. We knew this series would be action-packed, and this episode surpassed expectations in a spectacular way.

Along with the Mandalorians having a spectacular action scene, we also learned a little more about the Mandalorians culture. I think it’s pretty interesting that Mando could choose to be a Mandalorian instead of being born into the culture. It must not be an easy thing for the Mandalorians to accept someone new into their tribe, so this raises a question: “what did Mando have to do to be accepted?”. There must have been some sort of initiation process both challenging and dangerous. Also, we learned a bit about their current mindset and lifestyle after the purge. Because their beskar steel got stolen, they are forced to live in hiding and only show themselves one at a time (which doesn’t completely make sense because they have different armor). I think we are going to continue to learn more and more about Mandalorian culture, past and present, and that is a big plus for this episode and the future of the show.

While the action was expected, what isn’t always expected are moments of character development for Mando. While it wasn’t unexpected to the viewer, Mando going back to retrieve Baby Yoda was certainly a character-defining moment for him. Especially considering that this move broke rules of the guild and put a target on his back, Mando was making decisions based on his emotions instead of reason. I don’t mean this as a negative thing for Mando, it just causes us to learn more about him. He probably relates to Baby Yoda a considerable amount due to his own upbringing that we are learning more about. Mando too was in the hands of the enemy at a young age, and he didn’t want Baby Yoda to go down the same path. To put these internal feelings into action to save Baby Yoda while sacrificing his own safety and career was certainly a significant moment in this story and a major positive for this episode because of its development of Mando.

Going away from the actual story, it was a big plus for Star Wars fans to see what Deborah Chow could do as a director. Since she is set to direct the new Obi-Wan series, we should be pretty confident that we have a very talented director in charge. I won’t discuss this too much because I am not too competent regarding what makes good directing, but I’ve heard that the lighting, angles, transitions, etc. were all excellent. So outside of the story, this is really good news for the future of Star Wars.

This might not be a super popular opinion, but I thought the doctor’s role was pretty interesting in this episode. Although it was limited, it kinda appeared that the doctor had some genuine care for Baby Yoda. When Mando was assigned the job, it was the doctor that emphasize that Baby Yoda had to be taken in alive. While I thought that this was because the doctor needed Baby Yoda alive for experiments, this episode makes me think that the doctor has alternative motives for Baby Yoda. Although the doctor cowardly ducked away when Mando came in, he seemed genuinely worried that Mando was going to hurt him. This still could be because Baby Yoda must be delivered alive, but I’m starting to think that the doctor may not be as bad as we originally thought. I could be incorrect, and you may disagree with me, but the fact that this scene is sparking more critical thought is a positive for the episode.


Although I put Mando going back to get Baby Yoda as a positive in terms of character development, I also consider it a negative because it was pretty expected. They tried to make this a little more surprising by having Mando initially turn in Baby Yoda, but I don’t think many viewers actually expected that decision to stick. Even as Mando got his new job and was in his ship about to leave, I still had no expectation that Mando was going to leave. I think it is the right decision to have Mando go back to get Baby Yoda, just maybe not this episode. There were surprises for Mando’s character in both of the first two episodes and the predictability of Mando’s actions I see as a negative for The Sin.

While it did make for a fairly climactic showdown at the end of the episode, I don’t think it made a lot of sense that every single bounty hunter had a tracker and was assigned to get Baby Yoda. It certainly felt like an exclusive job for Mando (even though the IG droid was also assigned the task, but it was probably by a different employer since it was assigned to kill Baby Yoda). I could see Werner Herzog’s character giving the job to a few other elite bounty hunters, but to every single one in the area? I don’t know, this just doesn’t make a lot of sense. And for all of them to keep their trackers after Mando completed the job and have them handy when Mando broke out with Baby Yoda again doesn’t make a lot of sense. Even though it set up for a very exciting action scene, logically it doesn’t make a lot of sense. I don’t believe these events would have actually happened the way they did, and I view that as a negative for the episode.

Although by themselves they may be decent scenes, I am kind of over the montage scenes as they have occurred in each episode so far. With Mando having flashbacks to his past while his armor is being crafted and the montage of Mando and Kuiil repairing the ship, I think this is a bit too repetitive for my taste. Especially with how similar this scene was to the one in episode one, I think it was a bit of a waste of time for the episode. Especially considering that the episodes are shorter than we expected, I thought this flashback montage was not needed. I understand that it is a unique way to take a look into Mando’s past, but I think the execution and repetitive nature of the scene made it unfavorable in my opinion.

The final negative I see for this episode is in the ending. Although there are still questions up in the air, I think it provided a little too much closure. It almost feels like the first three episodes to The Mandalorian are their own self-contained story. While this can change with how episode 4 goes, as of now it feels a little off for an episode so early in the series. Something that is so great about shows like Breaking Bad is that most episodes ended with some sort of cliff hanger that kept the viewer intrigued and motivated to keep watching. While I will, of course, be tuning in to the next episode, I don’t have any questions that I am dying to get answered. It is a little not picky, but that is a flaw that I see in The Sin.

The Verdict

Even though I had some negative things to say about The Sin, I still really liked the episode! I would rank it just behind the first episode as the second-best episode we have seen so far. It was action-packed and also had enough character development to make the episode not just fun, but to also matter for the story. The inclusion of the other Mandalorians in combat should not be the last we see of them which promises more large-scale fights in the future (especially considering that a large bounty will probably go up for Mando). Overall, we are three episodes in, and we haven’t had a disappointing one yet, this is a really good sign for the rest of The Mandalorian! While I really don’t know what the future is going to be for Mando and Baby Yoda, Greef Carga and Cara Dune should both be playing major roles in future episodes. The inclusion of more characters should start to expand the universe more and make episodes denser and more complex. So even though I’m not a fan of the closure provided by episode 3, it should not be a problem as future episodes have much potential.

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