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The Next Big Thing is Star Wars

Ever since the initial release of the very first Star Wars film back in 1977, Star Wars has become the next BIG thing. How did it accomplish such a feat?

Star Wars has become the fabric of our culture. It’s evolved from just a one-time blockbuster hit, to “when is the next Star Wars film?” For many, Star Wars has become a necessity. Star Wars is what has set American entertainment as the crown jewel as what movies could and should be like. The very first Star Wars film was way ahead of its time in terms of storytelling and special effects. In fact, the film almost never happened.

George Lucas was a visionary. Not until college, did he realize that film was his passion. When Lucas decided to start making short films in his college film classes, many described him as “visionary” with a plethora of other forms of praise. His vision and determination are what defined him as the next genius in entertainment.

After graduating college in 1966, it was time for George Lucas to show that he was the next big thing. His passion for Flash Gordon is what drove him to Star Wars. In 1971, Lucas’s desire to film an adaptation of Flash Gordon failed when he was unable to obtain the rights. Instead, he got to work writing his own space opera. Simultaneously, Lucas released his first film, American Graffiti. It was a hit! Loved by millions and even Hollywood executives, Lucas made his first steps into a larger world.

Creating the Star Wars universe wasn’t easy. Imagine all of the special effects Lucas wanted when this sort of technology wasn’t even dreamed of at the time. But that didn’t stop him. Making his dreams become a reality is how his vision evolved and what drove him to what would be, a cultural phenomenon the world had never seen.

When Lucas first began working on Star Wars, those involved thought it was going to be the laughingstock of Hollywood. Never has anyone been so ambitious a storyteller as George Lucas. At the time, fantasy/science fiction was the way of the dinosaurs. Many considered it to be a dead genre, kid’s stuff, and the films that no one ever cared about- until Star Wars.

When Star Wars released in 1977, it was a smash hit. Nobody would have predicted its success. Star Wars was not just a milestone film for Lucas, but for all of the entertainment world. This is when Star Wars became the next big thing. And it’s been so for the past 42 years. Popular movies have come and gone, but Star Wars hasn’t. After the first film, Lucas went on to make more installments to his ever-growing franchise. Not only did Star Wars become who George Lucas was, but it became a part of us as well. It changed how society viewed what films could and should be like. Star Wars broke the barrier of reality between fiction and non-fiction. A world so immersive and heartfelt that it won the hearts and lives of millions.

After George Lucas concluded what thought many to be the final Star Wars film ever with Revenge of the Sith, Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney in 2012. Through this major milestone acquisition, Lucas knew that not only was he giving away a piece of his heart, but he was sealing the future of Star Wars for generations to come. Since then, through the creative help of George Lucas, Disney has released several more Star Wars films, with more to come, including the final trilogy of what would be the conclusion of his Skywalker saga that Lucas started 42 years ago. Once a passion project, now a legacy.

“Nobody’s ever going to let anybody make a movie. You have to go out and do it! Those who can figure out how to do it – do it. And nothing can stop them.”

George Lucas

No matter how much the odds were against George Lucas, he was determined to create something that would become the next big thing- Star Wars! His hard work, determination, and vision all paid off… for the betterment of millions and fans like me.

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