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The ‘Adventure’ Continues with New TV Spot and Posters for The Rise of Skywalker Plus J.J. Talks ‘Reylo’

On December 20th, the final adventure of the Skywalker saga will arrive. Although I know this will be the final tale of our beloved Skywalker family, I still can’t comprehend the emotional immensity surrounding it. The more footage I see, the more emotional I get. The saga may be coming to an end, but the story will live on forever.

Check out the latest TV spot “Adventure” and its accompanying poster.

Australian Poster

As you can see, Rey looks to get even with Kylo after being the “murderous snake” that he is. Kylo and Rey are opposites of each other. Rey is the light, while Kylo is the dark. J.J. Abrams discusses their complicated connection with Anthony Breznican from Vanity Fair.

“They’re stronger, but because each is stronger, so is their adversary. The characters are “connected in this profound way, drawn to each other, curious about each other, knowledgeable about each other. They also are, by definition, working on opposite sides of things,” he added. “And so the dichotomy of those characters is the thing that, for me, is most fascinating.”

J.J. Abrams

Besides their connection, lies the opportunity to be able to conclude their character development. For J.J., it’s been a satisfying journey to have been able to direct the actors from the very beginning and now, the end.

“I look back at what Daisy did in The Force Awakens, and I thought her work was exceptional. She’s so damn talented. But I look at what she’s done in this film, and I’m so awestruck by her maturity and her nuance and the power that she brought to this part. As challenging as I knew this movie was going to be for me as a director, I also knew it was going to be extraordinarily challenging for her. And she exceeded my wildest dreams of what she might do.

Adam, as well, goes to a far deeper, more interesting, compelling, and subtle place with his character. When we met Kylo, he was almost like a bit of an adolescent. He would sort of rage. He aspired to a kind of power and control, but he was out of control. In The Rise of Skywalker, Abrams said Kylo Ren is “much more centered, no less broken, but far more controlled. Having assumed the position of Supreme Leader, he comes to the story a much more mature figure while still, in his own way, raging.”

J.J. Abrams

The complexity of their characters grow in line with the ever-increasing problems of the galaxy.

“If you compare [Kylo] with Rey, they both have this kind of confidence in their position, and yet the stakes have only grown greater. The challenge has only grown more significant. They’re both in brand-new and yet similar situations.”

J.J. Abrams

With these ever-increasing problems plaguing the failing Resistance, love hath no bounds. However, J.J. quickly put to rest a fan theory that incorporated an East Asian lore known as the Red Thread of Fate, that suggested the two fighting opposing “gods” to find love with each other.

“No. That is not something that we incorporated.”

J.J. Abrams

As you can see, Abrams swiftly put that to rest. But don’t worry, soon enough, all of these fan theories and speculation will be gone when The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters on December 20th.

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