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Check Out Lando and Leia as The Force Unleashes in The Rise of Skywalker

The Force has been an on-going discussion throughout the Sequel trilogy of the Skywalker saga. Whether it’s seeing Force-Time calls or Luke Skywalker Force-projecting himself across the galaxy, expanding the use of the Force has been essential to the Skywalker story.

The Force is a power that flows through all living things, but you have to be receptive enough to hear it. Since the beginning, Rey has been one of the most Force-receptive characters we’ve seen in the Skywalker saga. It took her almost no time to learn how to influence the minds of stormtroopers and even lift enormous boulders. As you can see, she’s a fast learner. This is why in The Rise of Skywalker, fans will be introduced to more Force powers than ever before.

“It was really important that we not just redo the things you’ve seen, but add new elements—which we knew will infuriate some people and thrill others. Among those things are not just new ways of doing sort of traditional, must-have sequences, whether it’s chases or lightsaber battles, or what have you. We wanted to make sure that this picture also showed aspects of the Force in ways that go beyond what you’ve seen before.”

J.J. Abrams, Vanity Fair

Unfortunately, though, their will be some who will not like these ‘new elements’ of storytelling. It’s a risk, but a one well worth taking.

“I can’t speak to what it means about the future of Star Wars, but what I can say is that you don’t want to come to this movie to see everything you’ve seen before. You want to come to it because you might love certain characters, and you want to see more of them. You might come to it because you love Star Wars and what it feels like, and what it looks like, what it sounds like. You want to see something that feels like it is moving, that it is shocking, that is also incredibly funny, that has got a big heart. But you want to make sure that you’re bringing elements that feel like it’s expanding the story, even as this brings it to a close.”

J.J. Abrams, Vanity Fair

Risks are come part of story expansion. George Lucas took plenty of risks to tell the story he loved. Whether it was accepted by some, is another matter entirely. What matters is that you’re able to tell a satisfying story through the unexpected. This is what has made Star Wars great.

Something else that has made Star Wars great is Lando. I mean, Baron Landonis Balthazar Calrissian III to be exact! Yep, that’s swag for you, I mean, ‘out-of-this galaxy’ swag! His name was revealed at today’s press conference for The Rise of Skywalker via the pommel of his cane on a costume prop.

Since we’re on the subject of costumes, Leia’s costume also revealed some interesting tidbits.

The description underneath reads:

“General Leia Organa continues to lead the heroic Resistance after having suffered costly setbacks. Leia is also training Rey in the ways of the Force, for the galaxy still has need of a Jedi.”

As you can see, it appears that both Lando and Leia will be playing some key pivotal roles in the conclusion of this saga. Check them out in the latest leaked TV spot that I call, “Lando.”

See the Force in action on December 20th when The Rise of Skywalker debuts.

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