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A Thousand Generations Live in You Now

Generations of Star Wars fans have passed on and new ones have ushered in to grow the franchise. These generations of past fans now live in you.

Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon. It’s something many of us have grown to love and adore. When Luke says, “A thousand generations live in you now,” it’s true…all of it. George Lucas came from humble beginnings to share his imagination with the world. Ever since Star Wars began, it’s been something spoken of at every dinner table, coffee shop, or phone call. When I say, “cultural phenomenon,” there is so much more to that than just the words. Lucas integrated bits and pieces of all different kinds of cultures, religions, etc. to build his galaxy far, far away. It’s why the overarching story of Star Wars speaks to so many millions of people, both old and new.

The culture of Star Wars contains a mix of fans who’ve been here since Day 1 in 1977 and some who’ve been here since just year forty-two. It’s a melting pot. No matter who you are, each generation of Star Wars fans impart their love of the franchise to each of us. I believe this is why that statement, “A thousand generations live in you now,” means so much more than we realize.

In a previous article, I spoke of how fans have a symbiotic relationship with Star Wars. Fans are Star Wars in every sense of the word. The stories told to us are a reflection of what we’re experiencing. We are the characters in the story. So, when Luke says, “A thousand generations live in you now,” he is speaking directly to us. As we watch The Rise of Skywalker, watch the movie through the perspective as if YOU are Rey or Kylo. When you realize that you are Star Wars, this is when you’ve achieved the understanding, I’ve longed for you to have.

Star Wars isn’t a franchise. It’s us. Every single one of us. It lives in us, our culture, and every fabric of our life’s experiences. The theme of the Sequel trilogy is that no matter who you are, whether you merely are Starkiller’s sanitation guy, you have a part to play in your story. Thousands of generations before you have gone through similar. This is how they live in you! When the time comes for YOU to defeat evil, will you RISE to the challenge?

You are Star Wars, and Star Wars is you. It’s time to realize your potential and know that no matter where the story takes you, “A thousand generations live in you…” It’s time to finish what they started. This is the poetry that George Lucas spoke of.

Star Wars lives in you. A thousand generations live in you. Now, and forever.

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