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Dan Mindel ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ Director of Photography Leaks Familiar Location

*Spoilers Ahead*

No matter the franchise, leaks always make their way into our lives someway or another. Somehow, some little guy at the studio gets his/her hands on something and decides to anonymously leak it to the world. These leaks usually are found on Reddit, but no one would have guessed that a huge leak of this magnitude would have been found on Instagram of all places. The most surprising thing is when the guys in charge make that same mistake themselves. That includes The Rise of Skywalker Director of Photography, Dan Mindel.

Earlier today, it appears that Dan Mindel inadvertently posted a photo of himself on a yet to be revealed set locale of The Rise of Skywalker. However, the set he’s on is none other than Tatooine. Just to make matter worse, after Reddit user u/MilnersBlog asked Dan whether this was the Tatooine set or not, Dan quickly deleted the photo. If this isn’t confirmation enough, I don’t know what would be.

Rumors have suggested that the one of the final shots of the film would be on Tatooine and after this little fiasco, it seems that this is the case.

What do you think will be the final shot of The Rise of Skywalker?

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