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Fans Will Have to Wait for The Rise of Skywalker Concept Art

It has been announced by Abrams Books that The Art of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which was meant to hit shelves on December 20th in tandem with the film, will now be released in the spring of 2020.

The concept art of the Star Wars films have long been a popular purchase of fans all over the globe. With the holidays so close, the art book for The Rise of Skywalker would make a perfect gift, but I speculate Lucasfilm has good reason to push the release date back. The answer is simple: spoilers.

While Disney and Lucasfilm do everything in their power to prevent plot leaks, the internet makes it nearly impossible to stop all leaks. Perhaps this is a way to prevent movie art from popping up online. And though Kathleen Kennedy and crew have released some big plot points – Palpatine’s return, for example – there could be so much more in store for us. Many people, myself included, want to go in with as little spoilers as possible.

This also gives everyone a chance to see the movie without concept art revealing key story moments. Tickets for Episode IX‘s opening night were in high demand when they went on sale in October. The digital wait lines made it impossible for many to get tickets even for opening weekend. For those who can’t see the final installment until later in the month, or even next year, the delayed release date is a small mercy. Goodness knows the internet will be full of spoilers once the movie hit theaters.

The novelization of The Rise of Skywalker is set for March 2020, so perhaps the art book will coincide with that release – although, Star Wars novels have notoriously tentative release dates. Whatever the reason, I think the delay is a blessing in disguise. Enjoying Episode IX with fewer spoilers now will only increase our appreciation of its artwork later on.

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