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Marvel’s Bounty Hunters and The Rise of Kylo Ren

Ben Solo’s fall to the dark side is a story the Jedi wouldn’t tell you. Well, too late. Luke told part of the story to Rey already. In any case, Ben Solo’s story is a sad one. Full of bitterness and hatred towards his Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker, the upcoming comic by Charles Soule, The Rise of Kylo Ren, will address how Ben Solo fell down the dark path and into the shadows of his idol, Darth Vader.

“And then it was about creating a story that felt epic and above all emotional for Ben Solo. Because this transition, this turn to the dark side has to be as good and stand at the same level as some of the other big turns to the dark side we see.”

Charles Soule

No one better than Charles Soule knows about dealing with people’s dark pasts. Soule recently wrote about Darth Vader’s past in the Marvel comic, Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith. However, there is much more to comics than words- art. Art done by Will Sliney; the pictures tell a thousand words. They exemplify and tell the story of Ben’s inner struggle.

“In this book, we’re leaning towards the mask. In one of the very early moments…we kind see the two sides of Ben where you can see him emotionally hurt and then he starts to put up this shield, this outer shield. Within the course of two panels, you want to show in one instance this is a frightened boy and in the second instance he has the potential to be this really, really dark person. It’s something that has to be subtly done.”

Will Sliney

Sliney continued:

“There’s lots of moments where you can see him thinking and waiting before he reacts. He’s a very internal person…except when he’s not, right? He’s completely under control and completely compartmentalized until sometimes all those walls break at once and he does things like smashing his helmet or slicing up a computer console with his lightsaber.”

Will Sliney

Sliney understands the depth and breadth of both Ben Solo and Kylo Ren. To be able to achieve the emotional understanding and balance of this character, you have to understand his past and present surroundings. Even the way his mouth moves adds a layer of story and depth.

“I’ve never seen an actor or character that gives away so much with kind of the quiver of a lip, which is something that I’m trying to get across as much as I can in the panels. He has this almost childish pout of his bottom lip that gives away emotion, so I’m trying to bring that in there ever so slightly at different times, which is difficult to do when it’s a still image.”

Charles Soule

The path of Ben Solo may be lonely, but his journey isn’t. An integral part of Ben’s journey involves the Knights of Ren and how they factor into his journey down the dark path.

“You’ll learn an awful lot about the Knights of Ren very, very fast in this book. I think when that first page shows up in previews it’s going to land so hard.”

Charles Soule

Soule based the Knights of Ren off of motorcyle gangs and a variety of other things like Western’s and Samurai’s. But one thing that sets them apart is the ability to use the Force to a limited degree.

“They can all use the Force, the dark side of the Force, to varying degrees. They’re not as powerful as a Jedi or a Sith, but they use it when they fight…. They have some sort of a code, like a motorcycle gang, but it’s not elaborate. They’re flexible. Like all good galactic thugs and scoundrels, they’re in it for themselves. Mostly they’re just kind of out to live their lives the way they want to live them and take what the galaxy will give them and eat what the dark side sends.”

Charles Soule

Although intergalactic motorcycle gangs may sound quite dangerous, bounty hunters are also an unlikely group of people you wouldn’t want to get involved with either. Some of the most notorious fighters in the galaxy are found in the ongoing Marvel comic book series, Star Wars: Bounty Hunters.

Star Wars: Bounty Hunters is set to release in March 2020, written by Ethan Sacks, the scummiest and villainous scoundrels of the galaxy will take center stage.

“While the battle between the Rebellion and the Empire raged in the stars, the darker corners of the Star Wars universe belonged to the bounty hunters. And that’s always been a facet of the saga that’s fascinated me ever since I first witnessed that glorious murderers’ row take a bounty from Darth Vader aboard the Executor in a theater as a seven-year-old in 1980. I’m channeling that wonder from The Empire Strikes Back and beyond in Bounty Hunters, which will be a high-octane action romp through the Star Wars underworld of Hutts and Fetts.”

Ethan Sacks

Expect to see a lot of gritty Star Wars action that you’ve never seen before, especially with the likes of other familiar Star Wars bounty hunters.

“The series follows cyborg bounty hunter Beilert Valance as he seeks revenge on mentor-turned-betrayer Nakano Lash, who has recently resurfaced under mysterious circumstances. But Valance isn’t the only mercenary looking for Lash, and he soon finds himself on a collision course with Boba Fett, Bossk, and a slew of new killers.”


Forget what you’ll see, but how you’ll see it.

“We’ll get to see this world through the cybernetic eye of Valance, a bounty hunter with a rich history of his own at Marvel, and one of the few that can go toe to toe with the likes of Bossk. And rest assured that he’s going to have to be doing a lot of fighting as his jobs take him to some pretty dark places in both the Outer Rim and in his inner heart.”

Ethan Sacks

No matter how complicated the profession, whether it’s from Ben Solo’s rise to Kylo Ren or to shooting your way out of a fight with Bossk, the galaxy of Star Wars is expanding right before our eyes at a pace like never seen before. Make sure to check out The Rise of Kylo Ren (December 18th) and Star Wars: Bounty Hunters (March 2020) when they go on sale.

What comics are you looking forward to explore?

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