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EA Motive Developing New ‘Very Unique’ Star Wars Game

Electronic Arts couldn’t have done it without the help of Respawn. Jedi Fallen Order was a complete hit with critics, gamers, and Star Wars fans. It brought back the Star Wars we used to know from many years ago with games like Jedi Outcast, Knights of the Old Republic, etc., while bringing its own unique dynamic of storytelling and game play to a parched Star Wars gaming environment.

Unfortunately, no one knows the future of Star Wars with Respawn. All we can hope for is that EA decides to keep the Respawn-EA partnership alive with their future Star Wars games. However, one thing you can bet on is that EA isn’t done making Star Wars games. In fact, EA Motive’s Vice President and general manager Patrick Klaus recently revealed an interesting tidbit of what their future Star Wars projects entails (without getting into too much detail, of course).

“Klaus says Motive’s Montreal location (a Vancouver office is working on its own projects) is two teams working on separate projects: one “a very unique Star Wars experience” and the other “a new IP, which is a new project by a new team, effectively.””


While these new projects are a surprise for sure, we should thank Patrick Klaus for returning to EA from his short tenure at Ubisoft Quebec. After being convinced to return, Klaus made it a point to create a winning and innovative environment once again at EA. And as you can see with the recent success of Jedi Fallen Order, it appears that Klaus has found the proper ingredients for success by “empowering [his] team to innovate.”

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