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Our Favorite Moments from the Skywalker Saga: A Tribute

The Skywalker Saga is ending. Over the course of nine films and 42 years, we’ve followed the Skywalker family through every tragedy, victory, and redemption. This week, we’ll find out how it all ends. So, all of us here at Far, Far Away News thought it would be a good idea to take a stroll down memory lane and look back at all our favorite moments from the series.

Yoda’s Final Lesson – Patrick Mulligan

Star Wars is at its best when it’s about something – the scenes that stick with me the most are those rooted in the philosophy that helps center the story. When Yoda appears to Luke as a Force Ghost in The Last Jedi, it could have been written off as superficial fan service. But Rian Johnson chose to echo Yoda’s “luminous beings” speech from Empire Strikes Back and introduce him during Luke’s crisis of faith to reframe his failures as powerful teaching moments. This ideology resonates through every plot thread in the film: Rey, Finn, and Poe all fail their missions, but still learn something from these failures and are better because of them. Luke is finally able to move past losing Ben Solo to help the Resistance, all while maintaining his pacifist arc from Return of the Jedi and finding his own enlightenment. Yoda gives Luke (and the audience) one final lesson. The moment is moving and lends a sense of purpose to the failures of every character in the saga. Star Wars doesn’t get much better than this.

Order 66 – Christian Corah

Order 66 isn’t just my favorite moment in Star Wars, it is one of my favorite moments in cinema. It is one of the most emotional moments in Star Wars, and probably in the entire Star Wars universe. For the peacekeepers of the galaxy to be simultaneously executed, by their own men, is a truly shocking and tragic turn of events. What is so incredible about Order 66, is that as shocking as the event was, Lucas’s storytelling made it also make sense. Palpatine was pulling strings behind the scenes during the entire Prequel Trilogy (PT), and Order 66 is a representation of that genius. It really does set the scene for the Original Trilogy in creating a world void of the Jedi. Also, Order 66 is a moment that is bigger than itself by impacting other Star Wars content. Attack of the Clones has many problems but watching how Order 66 is set up makes me appreciate the movie more. Order 66 itself makes up for a lot of the issues with the PT, at least in my opinion. Along with making certain content better, Order 66 becomes bigger than itself by inspiring additional quality content. This is first seen through the animated series, The Clone Wars. We get a glimpse into what the events of Order 66 meant for the clones and how it was possible, largely through the storyline involving the control chips implanted into the clone’s heads. Also, those that have played Jedi: Fallen Order will probably agree that some of the best content in the game was inspired by Order 66. Order 66 has also inspired content in some novels, but I won’t mention any specific examples. The point is that the scene meant so much more to Star Wars than just to the movie that it was originally presented in. So, due to Order 66 being one of the most emotional and surprising events in Star Wars, that also became a moment much larger than itself, it is my favorite moment in all of Star Wars.

Rey and the Legacy Saber – Jaimie Binegar

There are so many incredible moments in Star Wars, which made it hard for me to choose. I’m going to show my love for the sequel trilogy for this. One of my favorite moments has to be in The Force Awakens, on Starkiller Base, when Rey summoned the lightsaber to battle Kylo. Kylo insisted the lightsaber, and the legacy with it belonged to him. Rey spent most of the film running from that saber, and from her destiny. She allowed the safety of her routine, the waiting for her parents, and fear to hold her back. But finally, at this moment, Rey moves past that safety and that fear of the unknown and steps into her future. She heard the call of the lightsaber, and she answered it. We’ve all toed that line before – do we stick with the familiar, even if it gets us nowhere? Or do we choose to move into something greater, something unknown? That moment really spoke to me.

Battle of the Heroes – Will Custer

There are many great Star Wars moments over the last forty-two years. In each movie, there are a handful of moments that could be argued as the best moment. You have the Binary Sunset, Duel of the Fates, Order 66, the list goes on and on. If you think of a Star Wars moment whether it be in a movie, TV show, book, or comic; you can make the argument for it being the best.

Personally, my favorite moment comes during Revenge of the Sith when the Battle of the Heroes takes place on Mustafar. This is the battle between Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. It’s a battle everyone knew was coming, and there’s no other way to put it – it’s awesome. It has an emotional aspect with the dialogue between Anakin and Padmé, where he believes that the one person, he genuinely loved has turned against him. Throughout the sequence, you also have some of the best delivered and most emotional lines of the prequels between Anakin and Obi-Wan. You truly feel for their friendship. The visuals of these two brothers fighting it out is also spectacular. Some people say that the fight goes over the top, but I disagree with that statement. It feels like the perfect lightsaber duel to cap off a trilogy of films.

What puts this over the top as my favorite Star Wars moment is the music that accompanies it. In Star Wars, music is as much a character as anyone else. This piece of music by John Williams is some of his best work for any Star Wars film. The operatic style of music and the triumphant instrumentals helps guide this fight along. Every time I hear it, chills are sent down my spine. The Battle of the Heroes was an event that many waited since 1977 to see, and it was worth the wait. The visuals, music, and heart within the story align perfectly to make it my favorite Star Wars moment.

A Jedi, Like My Father Before Me – Joseph Forbush

My favorite moment in Star Wars is in Return of the Jedi. When Luke Skywalker claims, “I am a Jedi, like my father before me,” this is when evil is finally put in check. Not only does Luke stand up for what’s right, but he shows the galaxy that although there is darkness in all of us, if you have faith, you will always RISE. Hence, The RISE of Skywalker.

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Patrick Mulligan
“The greatest teacher, failure is.” — Yoda

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