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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Sequel in the Works

Jedi: Fallen Order, which follows the trials and tribulations of Jedi Cal Kestis after Order 66, was a smash hit among Star Wars fans and gamers this year. According to GamesRadar+, Respawn Entertainment may already be working on a sequel.

Nothing is confirmed – however, Respawn recently posted three job openings for their new Star Wars third-person action/adventure game. The positions available are Senior Character Artist, Level Designer, and Senior Software Engineer.

Now, Respawn could be working on an entirely different project, but as GamesRadar+ points out, EA still has rights to the SW license for a few more years. So, it’s likely Respawn is working on a sequel to their own product.

We’ll most likely get a confirmation at next year’s Celebration in Anaheim if Disney follows this year’s lead. Until then, here’s to hoping!

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