Why Ewoks?

Ewoks are cute furry little teddy bear-like creatures who are nothing more than just a bunch of cannibalistic animals. Kidding.

Ewoks are much more than your typical teddy bear. Ewoks were the species that literally saved the Rebellion from sudden doom against the Empire. On the planet of Endor, Ewoks proved that technology is no match for the typical slingshot or rock-throwing party. Many argue that Luke Skywalker saved the galaxy from utter destruction, but in reality, the Ewoks did it all. I mean, most of it. Sure, Luke turned his father to the good side while at the same time, seeing the Emperor being thrown down a deep shaft by his father Darth Vader, but still, without the Ewoks, Endor would most likely still have been under Empire control without the help of these furry little critters. They’re warm and cute, but they are warriors through and through. 

Originally, Wookies were supposed to appear in Return of the Jedi instead of Ewoks. In Lucas’ original draft, the film ended with a battle between the Empire and a “society of Wookies,” but when the plan appeared to be more complicated than he originally intended it, he opted for a primitive race of small creatures armed with rocks and spears. 

Imagine what Return of the Jedi would have been like without Ewoks! Still, to this day, Ewoks have been one of those controversial topics to discuss. That’s why the next time you’re having a meal with someone, bring up Ewoks and the rest will take care of itself. It’s sure to be one heck of a conversation.

Would you rather have seen Ewoks or Wookies in Return of the Jedi?

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