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Rey Wasn’t Alone on Tatooine

The Rise of Skywalker writer Chris Terrio has answered many of our questions and curiosities this week following the film’s opening weekend. In an interview with Hollywood Reporter, he put to rest the fan theory (and concern) that Rey made Tatooine her new home at the conclusion of the film.

“I can say with confidence that neither the screenplay nor the film suggests that Rey is going to live alone on Tatooine,” he said. Terrio says Rey’s journey to the desert planet was meant to be a pilgrimage in honor of Luke and Leia. “Rey brings the sabers there to honor the Skywalker twins by laying them to rest — together, finally — where it all began.”

Many fans interpreted the ending as Rey settling in on Tatooine to be alone, especially because the score for this particular scene is titled “A New Home”. The confusion is understandable, but the presence of BB-8 suggests that Rey will return to her friends – she certainly couldn’t separate Poe Dameron from his beloved droid.

“The track names on the soundtrack were at the discretion of the master himself, John Williams,” Terrio explained. “I can’t presume to say what John meant when he titled the piece ‘A New Home,’ but I can say that Rey’s arc over three films has to do with her finding the belonging she seeks with the new family she’s found inside the Resistance. The very last thing Rey would do after all that is to go and live alone in a desert.”

This is a comfort to many. The idea of Rey going into isolation once more is heartbreaking, especially after having found her true family throughout the events of the trilogy. The future for Rey is bound to be full of adventure and discovery.

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