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Project Luminous’ Storyline Takes Place ‘Years’ Before the Skywalker Saga

Many moons ago, at SWCC, a secretive Star Wars project was announced, a collaboration between Claudia Gray, Justina Ireland, Daniel José Older, Cavan Scott, and Charles Soule. We were given a vague name – Project Luminous, calling back to Yoda’s line in Empire Strikes Back. No spoiler has leaked since its announcement in April, and our curiosity has grown stronger and stronger. And now, we may finally have some insight.

Ziro.hu has an unidentified informant (a trend these days), who has shed some light on what Project Luminous will look like. Apparently, we should anticipate a multi-platform story that is set “300-400 years BEFORE the Skywalker saga.” I’ve seen conflicting reports on other sites, but again – no one leak, or news site has been able to provide a verified source, so everything is speculation at this point.

According to this informant, Luminous will be similar to how the MCU functions – stories that can be consumed separately, but also combine with one another in bigger ways. It will cover a group of Jedi who “explore the then-unknown regions of the galaxy” and will “face different enemies, the darkest being ancient evils, Sith gods of some sort.”

It would certainly be interesting to explore the ancient Sith, given how Rise of Skywalker gave us a glimpse of some deep, dark, unnatural Sith shenanigans. If this is true, we may see deeper into the Force as well, some of its more mysterious workings. I’m holding my breath until we get some verified information, but this writer would not be opposed to looking at the time before the Skywalkers.

As for the structure of the project, we’ve known for a while that Kathleen Kennedy wants to step away from trilogies. Having an MCU-style universe could be a refreshing change, one that would hopefully ease the current tensions among Star Wars fans. Only time will tell!

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