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The Mandalorian: Season One Exit Survey: In-Depth Review

What is your one sentence review of the Season One finale of The Mandalorian?

Christian Corah: It built lots of hype for Season 2.

Patrick Mulligan: An action packed and satisfying conclusion that brought the season’s story into focus and planted seeds of many great things to come.

Emma E:  For me it’s two words: exciting and emotional.

Jamie Binegar: The finale was funny, moving, and satisfying, with some awesome action and great background information on our favorite characters.

Renee Luna: The season finale was the most action-packed and exciting episode of the season, nicely tying up loose ends, but also ending with a big opening conflict for season two.

Joseph Forbush: The Mandalorian doesn’t only exceed my expectations, but it proves that ‘This is the Way’ the future of the Star Wars franchise needs to go moving forward.

Aaron Quinton: Fantastic cliff-hanger which brings all the canon together in a surprising way!

Will Custer: It was exciting, had the right kind of fan service, and hit on every emotional level in a way that only Star Wars can.

Brittany Lofland: A strong overall first season with a few bumps in the road that delivers and becomes an unexpected but satisfying story.

What was the best moment of the Season One finale?

CC: There were a lot of great moments, but I’ll have to go with the norm and say Moff Gideon with the dark saber. I love the actor playing Moff Gideon, he made me love his character instantly. Mando has been needing a centralized villain, and we finally have one! I was content without ever seeing the Darksaber. Now, there is potential for Mando to kill Gideon at the end of season 2 and take the Darksaber for himself. Whatever happens, I am very excited!

PM: Baby Yoda strapped to IG-11 while he tore through all the troopers on a speeder bike. It touches on all the stuff that rules about this show.

EE: There were so many good moments in the finale so it’s hard to choose just one, but I think I would have to say when the Mandalorian allows IG-11 to remove his helmet and we see his face for the first time. It was a very profound and emotional moment. 

So far, throughout the entire season, we’d seen a warrior who was seemingly invincible. I suppose my expectation was to see that same warrior underneath the mask, but when it finally came off, we saw the face of a hurting and broken man. There was just so much in that moment. For me, it was a reminder that you never know what someone is going through just by looking at them. 

JB: So many good ones, but I’m going to pick when the Armorer absolutely annihilated those troopers. I thought she was going to sacrifice herself.

RL: There were many excellent moments in the episode, but the best was “Baby Yoda” going to Papa Mando at the end. I really can’t get enough of those two together. 

JF: The best moment was seeing Moff Gideon with the Darksaber and not knowing where he got it, who he got it from, and how.

AQ: The Darksaber.

WC: There were a TON of great moments that this episode had to offer, but my favorite was the Darksaber reveal. At the end of the episode when it focused in on his ship for the closing shot, I figured something was about to happen, but I was not expecting that! This opens up possibilities for so many different stories, characters, and some massive explorations lore wise.

BL: Baby Yoda laughing as IG-11 fought his way to the Mandalorian.

What was your favorite episode from Season One?

CC: My favorite episode was 7, The Reckoning. It was the only episode that ended with us having major questions regarding if our beloved characters were ok. And by “beloved characters”, I mostly mean Baby Yoda. Also, the episode brought many of our favorite characters back together, including nurse droid IG-11, who was awesome! Hopefully Season 2 picks up where Season 1 left off, giving us episodes where the events matter and leave the filler episodes in the trash compactor where they belong.

PM: Episode 2, The Child. It felt like the perfect blend of all the weirder things I love in Star Wars and showed us that the Mandalorian isn’t invincible.

EE: Probably Chapter 4, Sanctuary. For me, this episode felt like coming home because it reminded me a lot of a certain Clone Wars episode (and I’m a really big Clone Wars fan). I also loved all of the Baby Yoda moments and the Mandalorian’s interaction with the villagers, especially with Omera. There were so many moments that showed not only the Mando’s skills as a warrior, but also a gentler side to him.

JB: Either the finale or the episode where we meet Cara Dune and they help the villagers. It’s similar to an arc in Clone Wars I really enjoyed.

RL: My favorite episode was three, The Sin, when Mando goes back to save his “enemy.”

JF: My favorite episode was the finale, Redemption. It had the perfect blend of Star Wars humor, action, and just enough of Baby Yoda. I mean, The Child.

AQ: The first episode, Chapter One.

WC: There were a lot of excellent episodes, but the finale had everything. It answered some questions, tied up loose ends, it was fun, and it made me sad. It was such a well-rounded episode and got me even more excited for season 2!

BL: The episode where we meet Cara Dune and the widow and her community.

Besides Baby Yoda and The Mandalorian, who was your favorite character?

CC: IG-11. He had the best chemistry with Mando, in my opinion. He was also the coolest character to watch in action. In Episode 1, he sold many of us on the fact that this show was going to be action packed and fun to watch. But when he came back as a nurse droid, IG-11 only became a better character! It added another layer to his now complicated psyche, and I loved it! The duality between his new nursing programming and his former violent battle droid self-made his character very interesting to this psychology student. His sacrifice in the finale was admirable, but I hope we get some future action from other IG-11 units. But it is unlikely that they will also be nurse droids, so I will treasure the time we got with our IG-11.

PM: I really liked IG-11, it was cool to see one of those droids in action and I think they did a great job developing that character without giving him an overabundance of screen time. Kuil is a close second for me, mostly because casting Nick Nolte as an Ugnaut is one of my favorite things to ever happen in Star Wars.

EE: I really liked Kuill. He was so wise and had such a big heart. I was so sad when he died. (Also, “I have spoken” is one of the coolest catchphrases ever.)

JB: Cara Dune! And knowing she’s from Alderaan, and what that means for her motivation, her drive – I love her even more.

RL: I absolutely love Cara Dune and I hope she has a larger role next season.

JF: Besides them, my favorite character was IG-11. Although he didn’t have much screen time, I loved his arc near the end where it proved to the Mandalorian that even droids can change for the good.

AQ: The Mando.

WC: This might shock some people, but Omera. She added a lot of emotional development for our main character, and I thought she was played very well. I hope we get more of her, and I one hundred percent ship Omando.

BL: Cara Dune, by far.

What was your favorite Baby Yoda moment from Season One?

CC: The truly most shocking Baby Yoda moment was when he Force-choked Cara Dune. It may not have been Baby Yoda’s cutest moment, but it is the one that surprised me the most. There may be some to learn about the force here too because I don’t think Baby Yoda was actually tapping into the dark side for this power. Baby Yoda teaches us a lot about the force, and this moment may have been the most significant. 

PM: I’m torn between the moment where he looks at his hand after Din shoots the bounty droid in the back, which is a lowkey banger, and the moment where he pushes the flame troopers fire back. It’s one of the cooler ways we’ve seen the force used and one of the more cinematic moments of the season.

EE: SO MANY BABY YODA MOMENTS. I really can’t choose just one…but if I had to, basically every time he hugs the Mando’s leg. So cute.

JB: Definitely the little wave during the finale. “Do the magic hand thing, baby!”

RL: Favorite Baby Yoda moment? That time when his ears flap around in the wind, when he looks up at Mando with his big eyes, reaches his little hand out to stop the bad guys or heal the good guys, and makes adorable little Baby Yoda noises. 

JF: Woah. This is a pretty intense question. Oh man. I’d have to say when Baby Yoda heals Greef Karga using the Force.

AQ: When he saves Mando from the mudhorn!

WC: Every moment he breathes. In all seriousness, it is anytime he used the Force, and out of that when he stopped the fire to help save his new family. That was so great, and it reminded me of Kanan in Rebels saving his friends.

BL: Him using the Force to first heal Greef, and then saving them from the Flametrooper in the season finale.

It is rumored that Season Two will have some cameos. Assuming this is inevitable, who do you want to see in Season Two?

CC: I really don’t know and don’t want to give it much thought. I love all of the new characters that The Mandalorian has brought us, so I don’t think we need any significant cameos. I hope the cameos aren’t too profound, because if they are, it may take away from what makes this show so great.

PM: I’m still hoping that The Mandalorian continues to exist mostly separate from the saga films, so if we’re doing cameos, I hope they are minor characters. I’d be happy to see Dengar or maybe even Bossk show up. But I think having anybody that’s too big of a player from the movies would be distracting and make the universe feel too small.

EE: In my opinion, I honestly don’t think anything could top Matt Lanter’s cameo but seeing Ashley Eckstein or James Arnold Taylor would be super cool. (Also, Dave Filoni’s cameo in Chapter 6 was amazing.) 

JB: I have no preference at all, to be honest. I’m having trouble thinking of anyone I want to see!

RL: I have no expectations for specific cameos in season two. I’m keeping my specific expectations low so that it can surprise me.

JF: I’d love to see Han Solo have a run-in with the Mandalorian. I would also love to see Chewie and Han team up with him on a mission. Maybe to save The Child? Who knows! But all I know is that this would be the baddest episode of the entire show.

AQ: Boba Fett, Ahsoka Tano, and Sabine Wren.

WC: If there had to be someone, I would choose Sabine. She makes the most sense and is easy enough to intertwine into this story with the Darksaber. All that being said, I hope these rumors are false and they focus on the new characters that they have established.

BL: I honestly don’t know! And to be quite frank, I really don’t care.

What were your overall thoughts of Season One?

CC: I have a big problem with episodes 4-6. We could watch them in any order, and we wouldn’t realize any difference to the overall story. What happened in each episode had very minimal impact on the following episodes. I’m glad that Cara Dune was brought back which made what happened in Episode 4 matter later in the show, but I wish something similar was also done for episodes 5 and 6. However, the episodes were still fun and overall, I loved Season 1 of The Mandalorian! It is some of the best Star Wars we have seen in a while. And now that we have a Darksaber in a live action series, my excitement could not be higher for the next season!

PM: It’s a solid first season that doesn’t quite reach greatness because of some uneven storytelling. It’s a lot of fun, but the three middle episodes feel so unfocused and do very little to deepen character relationships or even flesh out those characters as individuals. I’m hoping that the next season stays focused on telling one story for the whole run, because this season was at its weakest in the middle when Mando and Baby Yoda did their side quests.

EE: Overall, I really liked it. It was a very nice fresh take on Star Wars, and it was interesting to see a story not focused solely around Force users, such as a Jedi vs. Sith, or around the Rebellion.

 It showed us a different side of the Star Wars galaxy that I don’t think we really got to see often enough up until now. I’m really excited for Season 2. 

JB: It definitely had slow moments – a couple episodes that didn’t quite pay off. But overall, it was well-rooted in that “Star Wars” feeling, with some compelling characters and plenty of intrigue.

RL: I enjoyed season one, though it took three episodes to grab me. Overall, I find the pace to be incredibly slow, which seemed a strange choice considering how short the episodes are. It’s not my favorite show (Star Wars or generally), but I enjoyed it.

JF: Although there were some episodes that seemed slow and unimportant to the overall story, I later realized that those episodes were essential to knowing who the Mandalorian is and was and his overall character arc. From start to finish, The Mandalorian kept me engaged and interested, which many shows don’t do these days. It was some of the best of what Star Wars has to offer.

AQ: Excellent episodic storytelling!

WC: I thoroughly enjoyed it. I would give this season a solid 9/10. Sure, it had some down episodes in terms of development, but not once did I think any single episode was inherently bad. They were all fun adventures at the very least, and now I miss waking up at 4:30 AM to watch before I get ready for work on Fridays.

BL: My thoughts overall are that I loved this season. It had a few bumps in the middle, but the moment that Baby Yoda was introduced changed my whole perception of what this show was supposed to be. It became something close to fem-gazey that I appreciated about The Last Jedi. Not completely, obviously, but I love that it seemed like a Western, but really became more of a samurai story.

What do you think will happen in Season Two of The Mandalorian?

CC: I don’t want to think too hard on this because with expectations come disappointments when predictions don’t come true. I expect Mando to try and find a new family for Baby Yoda (because let’s face it, by the time Mando dies of old age, Baby Yoda won’t have even hit puberty yet) and to face some complications during his search. Gideon will likely be searching down Mando and will hopefully use his Darksaber a lot. That’s all I got, it can’t be Fall 2020 fast enough!

PM: A planet hopping quest to find Baby Yoda’s home world! Presumably, Gideon will be hot on their trail to give the season some tension and momentum. I’m looking forward to some more expansion of the Mandalorian mythology and learning a bit more about Din Djarin and whatever it is that Baby Yoda is.

EE: I’m trying not to speculate too much, but I feel like a search for Baby Yoda’s “family” might be a main point, which might lead to the Force (and possibly some Force users) playing a larger role in the story. 

Also, Moff Gideon will definitely be back and the Darksaber is going to play a big role here…and hey, maybe that leads to someone like Bo-Katan (please?) making an appearance? 

JB: Hopefully, we find Baby Yoda’s home planet and people. I think the bandits he left in that prison will come back for vengeance, and I hope against all hope we get more with Ming-Na Wen’s character. She can’t be dead after all that hype! We need to find out who the mystery feet belong to! I also think we’ll find at least one more Mandalorian out there.

RL: The obvious objective in season two will be to keep Baby Yoda safe. Beyond that, I have no predictions.

JF: Personally, I think we will see Jedi in Season 2, whether through flashbacks or some other way. I don’t expect to see a lot of them, but why would the show specifically mention the word “Jedi” if they weren’t serious about showing one in a future episode? It’s going to happen.

AQ: We will learn that Boba Fett lives and that Snoke is related to Baby Yoda.

WC: I think it will be similar to season one. We will have quality character development at the beginning, some fun side space adventures, and then some more emotional moments towards the end. I think that’s a formula that more or less worked in season one, and the creators will stick with it.

BL: I think we’ll see some familiar and different worlds and we’ll see Mando fighting more with Baby Yoda at his side while trying to find a place with Yoda’s own people. And we’ll find out Baby Yoda’s real name.

What was your favorite moment from Season One of The Mandalorian?

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