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Timothy Zahn Answers the Thrawn ‘Question’

Thrawn is one of the most tactical and sinister characters that have stayed around even after the total annihilation of the Expanded Universe since the Disney takeover of Lucasfilm.

The creator of such a character is Timothy Zahn, who’s reputation is far beyond the average Star Wars reader can see. As the creator of such a profound and popular character, sometimes fans get notions of grandeur and speculate a little too far for an authors liking. It’s not wrong to speculate, but sometimes authors have to respond to the plethora of questions bombarded at them and finally clear the air as to what the truth actually is.

The most common question about Thrawn has been, “Is he Force-sensitive?” According to Zahn, he isn’t, and is far from it.

The truth shall set you free. It looks like our deepest desires have finally become a reality and once again, our speculations lead us to another dead end until we come up with something else to theorize about.

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