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Exclusive: The Galaxy’s Best Sidekicks

In a galaxy where somebody is as likely to sell you death sticks as they are to shoot you under a table, it pays to have some backup: somebody to fly co-pilot who won’t shoot you in the back or sell you out to a bunch of space Nazis. It’s somebody you can trust. So, the team here at Far, Far Away News decided we’d come up with a shortlist of the galaxy’s best sidekicks to make your search for the perfect partner a little easier.

Patrick Mulligan: IG-11

This assassin droid turned nanny brings the best of both professions to any galactic adventure. Need to wipe out an entire village of stormtroopers? Give IG a call. Need somebody to swaddle you in a blanket? IG will do it lovingly. Sure, you’ll have to give him some positive reinforcement every now and again to keep him from blowing you and himself up, but a key element of any relationship is supporting each other. If you expect IG to have your back, it’s only fair that you help him stay positive when the odds are stacked against you. The droid’s motherly demeanor, wry kiwi wit, and terrifyingly efficient combat skills make IG-11 an ideal counterpart. It’s rare that you’ll find a droid this caring and funny that’s this proficient with a blaster. The only way IG-11 could be any better would be if he was wearing one of Taika Waititi’s signature rompers. I have a feeling it would be just fine with him if you could convince him it lined up with his programming.

Will Custer: K-2SO

When we think of good sidekicks in Star Wars, what comes to mind? Often it will probably be someone dependable, loyal, and a dash of sass. The droid from Rogue One, K-2SO, fits into all these categories like Cinderella fits into a glass slipper. K-2SO is a reprogrammed Imperial droid and is the sidekick to rebel Cassian Andor. This specific sidekick might be the sassiest droid (and overall character) since C-3PO. For having only one live-action appearance, he has some of the best and most iconic lines of any character in Disney era Star Wars. Whether he is telling someone sarcastically congratulations or questioning why newcomer Jyn Erso gets a weapon and he doesn’t, K-2SO adds a certain level of sass and charm that you want in a sidekick. He is also one of the more dependable sidekicks in the Star Wars universe. Unlike C-3PO being anxious and unable to perform specific tasks, such as reading ancient sith text, or Jar Jar Binks who is a bumbling fool, K-2SO will always get the task at hand done: no matter what. This leads to the final point on why K-2SO is the best – he is the most loyal sidekick of all time. Like I mentioned before, he will always do his duty for his friends and this is true until his final moments. In the final act of Rogue One, K-2SO is in charge of making sure Jyn and Cassian are safe while commuting the Death Star plans to the rest of the rebel fleet. In doing so, K-2SO traps himself in a command center, holding off whatever Imperials he can to ensure the mission’s success and to ensure his friends’ safety. When doing this, K-2SO meets his unfortunate demise. When those yellowish white eyes dim down and you realize K-2SO is no more, it tugs at your heartstrings. It is a real moment of humanity for a droid and the cherry on top of everything that makes K-2SO the best sidekick in a galaxy far, far away.

Kady Owen: Chewbacca

What makes a Star Wars sidekick so great? Is it their witty comebacks, their ability to tear people’s limbs off, or maybe it’s their flying skills? These are all the reasons, and more, why I believe Chewbacca is the best Star Wars sidekick. He’s a very loyal companion; we know that he’s always stuck by Han’s side through thick and thin. There were a lot of times when Chewie could have said he was done with Han’s shenanigans, but he decided to stick around because he deeply cared about Han. Chewbacca loved Han, Luke, and Leia and after Han’s death, he stuck by Rey’s side and continued to fight for the Resistance. Chewbacca might look gentle, but his size and anger can be quite intimidating. He’s prone to ripping people’s limbs off for the tiniest things; you don’t want to get on a Wookie’s bad side. From the novels, we know what a great uncle he was to Ben Solo. This falls under loyalty and love again. So as intimidating as he may be, his heart is still full of love. Besides Chewbacca’s strength, he also has a great weapon. This is heavily hinted at in The Force Awakens every time Han grabs his bowcaster and uses it to get out of a sticky situation. Chewbacca’s a war hero. Before he met Han, he fought for the Republic on Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars. Afterwards, he became a rebellion hero, fighting against the Empire and later the First Order. Chewbacca can fly the Millennium Falcon. Not many can do this, but alongside Han Solo, Chewie makes for a great Co-pilot. We know he’s capable of flying it alone: we saw this in The Last Jedi after Rey leaves him to go save Kylo Ren. Overall, there are lots of wonderful qualities that make Chewbacca the best Star Wars sidekick, but none of them will ever match the true reason why we love that furry Wookie. He makes you love Star Wars. He touched all our hearts when we first sat down to watch A New Hope: from carrying C-3PO around on his back to crying out in pain when our beautiful princess finally passed away. He’s stuck by our side through every film, and now he’s one of the last legacy characters to still be alive after The Rise of Skywalker. Chewbacca is, and always will be, the best Star Wars sidekick. 

Aaron Quinton: R2-D2

R2-D2, also known as Artoo, in my opinion, would be the best sidekick to have in the Star Wars universe! He’s loyal to a fault, an expert in repairs, can act as a super-sleuth spy when needed to, and seems to have a heart of gold. I’ve even wondered, because of Artoo, if maybe droids can use the Force? Whatever his secret, Artoo always has the right tools for the occasion and, although his memory banks may be unreliable in Threepio’s opinion, Artoo seems to be the only one who could recite the history of the galaxy if someone asked. So, whether you are up against the Separatists, fighting the Imperial Fleet, or simply want to cruise around the galaxy in an X-Wing searching for Jedi and Sith artifacts, Artoo is the best companion I think anyone could choose!

Christian Corah: BD-1

BD-1, from the video game Fallen Order, is my favorite sidekick in the Star Wars universe. If I was forced to choose who got to live, BD-1 or Baby Yoda, I don’t know who I would pick. That’s how much I love BD-1 (hopefully I’ll never have to choose though)! If you haven’t played the game, I want to let you know that this paragraph will contain some minor spoilers to the game’s story. You have been warned! If you have played the game, you, like me, probably fell in love with BD-1 almost as soon as we met him. At points, BD-1 seemed to mimic the movements of a puppy, and because we all adore puppies, an immediate, emotional attachment to this droid was formed. But BD-1 is so much more than a cute, fun sidekick to Cal Kestis (the Jedi and main character in Fallen Order). BD-1 has significant depth as a character. This was pretty unexpected, but welcomed, for a sidekick character in a video game. Most of BD-1’s character arc was learned on the ice planet called Ilum. Fallen Order had many emotional moments, and this was certainly one of them. We learn that BD-1 agreed to have his memory erased, just so that he could help Cal in the future (this mirrors C3-PO’s decision in The Rise of Skywalker). Erasing a droid’s memory seems pretty barbaric, because everything we essentially are, our tendencies, behaviors, attachments, preferences, etc., only exists in our memories. Erasing one’s memory essentially means erasing the person. To actually be willing to have your own memory/essence erased just for the sake of other peoples’ benefit is one of the most selfless acts I can think of. Perhaps only next to giving your life for someone, which of course brings up significant Biblical parallels. And BD-1 didn’t hesitate to do what he thought was right and allowed to have his memory erased for the greater good (this could also add to the “are droids sentient?” debate, but that’s a topic for another conversation). It nearly brought tears to my eyes at the time, I really love this droid. So, the strong depth to BD-1’s character and his incredibly selfless nature makes him my favorite sidekick in the Star Wars universe.

Jamie Binegar: L3-37

We’ve met many trusty droids in the Star Wars universe, but none are quite as unique as L3-37. I mean that literally – the independent pilot droid actually built herself from scraps of other droids. L3’s cunning and vast knowledge have helped Lando Calrissian many a time. L3’s independence enables her to act without hesitation. She’s snarky, passionate about droid rights, and caring (even when she won’t show it) – L3-37 is the whole package. Her expertise in navigation and travel allows her to save the day in Solo. L3 leads one last droid revolution on Kessel but is damaged beyond repair in the battle to escape. Lando integrates her neural core into the Millennium Falcon, allowing the crew to navigate out of the Kessel Run and escape. This means L3 didn’t just help Lando, but was also a sidekick to Han, Rey, Chewie, and anyone who flew the Falcon from the original trilogy onward. She’s an everlasting influence in the journey of our heroes.

Renee Luna: Baby Yoda

Life is a journey best shared with a trusted sidekick, and this is as true in a far, far-away galaxy as it is here. Though there is no shortage of sidekicks to choose from, some are more useful than others. You might crave a simple companion, or someone with mechanical skills. Personally, I’d want none other than Baby Yoda (aka The Child) by my side. The most obvious reason for this is that he’s unbelievably adorable. Baby Yoda is quite possibly the cutest creature in the entire galaxy with those large eyes and fuzzy ears that flap in the breeze. When a life as a bounty hunter in the Outer Rim starts to make you cynical, Baby Yoda would be there to thaw that frozen heart. Such heart-melting cuteness also has the power to draw people in, people who might even be willing to risk their lives for him… and by extension, for you. Surprisingly, the little green toddler is also an asset in battle. It’s true that he’ll often sit one out, but when it counts, his youthful yet powerful use of the Force can put a quick end to any fight… and then heal you (and your new friends) when the smoke clears. And though having this particular sidekick around will make it seem like everyone in the galaxy is out to get you (and you’re probably not wrong), it’s going to be alright. You’re family now. This is the Way.

Joseph Forbush: Chopper

Why Chopper? Infamously known for being the droid sidekick to the band of Rebels from the animated Rebels TV show, Chopper is my favorite sidekick in all of Star Wars. Don’t get me wrong, I love the droids of old like R2-D2 and C-3PO, but let’s be honest, Chopper is a one-man team. Sometimes though, this gets to his head and it gets him in all sorts of trouble. However, when he’s needed most, Chopper gets the job done. From his notoriously crusty and childish attitude to becoming the unlikeliest friend, Chopper is one of the most unsung heroes of the Rebellion and in my opinion, the best sidekick a fighting Rebel could have. How do I know? Let’s just say that’s between Chopper and I. But, if you really want to know, don’t ask Chopper when he’s in a bad mood or you’ll find yourself on the receiving end of one of his pranks.

Who’s your favorite Star Wars sidekick?

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