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The Rise of Skywalker’s $1 Billion Success Gives Us Plenty of Time to Dream of the Future

We did it, folks – The Rise of Skywalker officially passed the billion-dollar mark worldwide, as of Tuesday! This was inevitable, especially with hundreds of fans showing up for multiple viewings in the theaters.

The official number is $1.001 billion, with $481.3 million coming from the U.S.

Will it pass The Last Jedi? According to Hollywood Reporter, analysts don’t think so. Jedi hit $1.33 billion, but the pros think Skywalker will only get to about $1.25 billion.

Regardless, this has been a big year for Disney, which churned out seven movies that reached a billion this year.

We’re getting a break from Star Wars films for a while, which gives us plenty of time to speculate and dream about the future of the franchise. Variety asked Taika Waititi if he would ever direct a Star Wars movie. “Yes. Obviously, I would, but I’m just going to settle for IG-11 being the hero of the entire season (of Mandalorian).” Waititi, who voiced IG-11, also directed for the show.

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