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Our Star Wars Fan of the Week: Lacey Gilleran

The first of the series for our weekly Star Wars “Fan of the Week,” Lacey Gilleran shares with us her love for Star Wars and what makes her unique. Known for her positive and uplifting smile as seen on The Resistance Broadcast podcast and throughout the Star Wars community, Lacey has shown us how being a Star Wars fan can change your life for the better.

What’s your Star Wars “love story”?

“I’ve always loved Star Wars from an early age. It started when I was in 1st Grade and I was at a local northeast supermarket called Stew Leonard’s. They had a movie section and there was a VHS (I’m dating myself) set with Darth Vader on it. I was drawn to it and asked my Dad, “What’s that?” He said, “Star Wars” – and the rest is history. I’ve loved it ever since. From the moment I met Luke, I felt connected to the character. He was a young guy from the middle of nowhere with dreams of something bigger and adventure. That was me. I wanted to travel the galaxy. and be the hero of my story.”

Who’s your favorite Star Wars character?

“This is a tough question for me because I’m torn between two characters. I’ve loved Luke Skywalker my whole life. I connected with that character and had similar dreams of adventure and belonging, but recently I’ve grown to love Kylo Ren/Ben Solo. Adam Driver is so wonderful in the role, and has easily created the most complex character in the saga. Ben is a character that struggles with the dark side, but makes you want to root for him. Plus, his lightsaber, mask, and costume are the coolest.”

Which Star Wars character do you see yourself like and what would you be doing if you existed in Star Wars?

“I’ve always had a connection with Luke Skywalker. He’s what pulled me into the Star Wars universe. He was always looking to the horizon and dreaming of adventure – and that’s what I wanted. He searched for belonging and his place in the galaxy, and even though it was through extraordinary circumstances, finds exactly that. He finds family, friends, and purpose. I’m so lucky that I’ve not only discovered my Star Wars Community, but truly found happiness in podcasting.”

What’s your favorite Star Wars movie?

“I have this challenge picking what I grew up with versus what I love now. I’m going to go with The Force Awakens. There is so much excitement that surrounds the movie for me. For the longest time I never thought they would make a new Star Wars movie, so when they announced they were making more it was like I was a child again. Rey, Finn, Poe and Kylo were all such great characters, and when I first watched it in the theater I felt like I did the first time I watched A New Hope. I don’t think anything will change the happiness I felt when Rey grabbed that lightsaber. TFA is my go to movie and I watch it all the time. A close second is Return of the Jedi.”

Flashback: What’s your theory for The Rise of Skywalker?

“I think we’re heading towards redemption for Kylo Ren or “Bendemption”. I don’t think you can have a character with a legacy like his without a happy ending. I think Palpatine somehow survived the fall in ROTJ and is still causing problems in the galaxy. How has he been involved? He could be the voice speaking to Kylo Ren and driving his fall to the dark side. I think Rey and Kylo are going to team up and fight Palpatine. Rey is the hero of the story. She’ll defeat Palpatine and save the galaxy.”

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