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Chris Sean Urges Fans to Catch Resistance

Star Wars Resistance comes to a close tomorrow after a short two-season run in an hour-long finale. Resistance tends to fall in the shadow of other animated SW series, but lead actor Christopher Sean urges fans to take a second look at the show. 

Sean, who voices Kaz Xiono, told ABC News, “That fun-loving adventure? That’s all there, in our story.” 

The story, which overlaps with The Force Awakens, highlights the journeys of characters outside the Skywalker line. In a community that’s been deluged with Skywalker saga material lately, a change of perspective could be helpful. 

But don’t fret, you’ll still see familiar faces like Poe and BB-8. And it seems the big finale villain is Kylo Ren himself, voiced by Matt Wood, who voices General Grievous in The Clone Wars

Sean is very proud of the show’s diversity. 

“We have the first Asian American lead of a Star Wars franchise. We have black female pilots, we have Latina pilots…People come up to me dressed as Kaz, saying, ‘I’m so happy I can finally dress as a character who looks like me, a character who has depth and layers, just like me.”

Be sure to tune in to the series finale tomorrow night! Season Two will be released on Disney+ February 25th.

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