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Hondo Ohnaka: From Pirate to Part-Time Rebel

Hondo Ohnaka, a name that has been throughout all the timelines of the Skywalker Saga, is a fan favorite of mine. Being first introduced to Ohnaka in the early years of the Clone Wars, most of us probably thought he would be another cog in the machine that would soon meet an untimely end. However, through the years he has played parts in very key roles to the shape of the government. From the capture of Count Dooku to the liberation of Lothal. This Weequay from Sriluur met many friends and enemies through his time as a pirate.

Hondo brought a new feel to the galaxy. Since the start of Star Wars, we see how the scoundrel and mercenaries acted in the galaxy far, far away. Most might of thought that most scoundrels would end up like Han Solo and fight the good fight. We are first introduced to Hondo when Count Dooku crashed his solar sailor on Vanqor, avoiding the clutches of Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Hondo, charismatic as ever, goes to salvage what he can from the ship and finds an even bigger pay reward in helping the Count off world.  Of course, being a pirate, Hondo had acquired a certain skill set that prepared him for any encounter. Using his Kowakian monkey-lizard hybrid, named Pilf, Ohnaka stole Dooku and Anakin’s lightsabers. Upon finding out the real identity of the Count, Hondo of course realized the profit he could gain from it all. With the Count being so wanted, he also knew that his adversaries would be following to sweeten his deal even more. Only working jobs that would gain him a profit, Hondo’s efforts were unfortunately in vain when the Jedi and Sith joined together to escape.    

Throughout the Clone Wars, we would see Hondo time and time again fighting against the Jedi for his own personal gain. What I love the most about his character is that he was so layered. He had chances to kill the Jedi, and took some, but the Jedi never really tried to kill him. Like a true pirate, he always managed to talk his way out of trouble.  Many years after the Clone Wars, during the forming of the Galactic Empire, Hondo had to find a new profession. With most of his gang either dying or betraying him, his band of pirates were greatly reduced. During this time, his path crossed with Vizago and in a game of sabacc, he gained control of his ship the Broken Horn. It is there when he met Ezra Bridger, who was on a mission himself to find shield generators for his rebel faction. Ezra, being a street-smart kid from Lothal, knew he couldn’t always trust people he met. Under the guise of Lando Calrissian, Ezra was able to out pirate the pirate for his own gains. Once Hondo found that Ezra lied to him about his name, he was even more intrigued with the boy.

Their paths would cross often, as Ezra really wanted to see the good in Hondo, even though at every turn Hondo would betray Ezra’s kindness. All things considered, everything usually turned out right for our heroes of Star Wars Rebels. There were times in the show that we really got to see the heart of Hondo.  A particular time was when he reunited Zeb with other living members of the Lasat and showed him that he wasn’t the last of his kind after all. Through it all, his many interactions with Ezra, and seeing the tyranny of the Empire, made Hondo a key player in the Liberation of Lothal. With his vast knowledge of smuggling, Hondo knew that the Empire always kept to a strict timetable, which allowed Hera and her recruits to sneak back into Lothal for the final wave of their liberation.

From there our time with learning about Hondo was at an end. That was until Disney announced that he would be part of the brand-new ride at Galaxy Edge. After finally going legit, Hondo laid down roots on Batuu during the cold war time of the First Order and Resistance. He then made a deal with Chewbacca to use the famed Millennium Falcon and hired a temporary, and maybe expendable, crew to take jobs where they were tasked to hijack First Order trains containing coaxium, which is hyperfuel for ships. Hondo took on a path like Han Solo, but it took longer for him to join the good fight. He went from a Weequay pirate, at odds with everyone in the galaxy, to a part-time resistance fighter. You have to admire his unforgettable charisma that gets him in and out of trouble every time he’s on screen. With him being on Batuu, I wonder what the future has in store for Hondo. He’s different from all the other characters, sometimes you really don’t know whose best interest he has.  What I can tell for certain is Hondo may not always come out on top, but he will gain some profit in one form or another.

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