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Mandalorian Season Two Confirmed for October

A major update for The Mandalorian’s second season – Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed an October release during the webcast of Disney’s quarterly earnings. Star Wars News Network tweeted the update earlier today.

This puts us only eight months away from season two! That’s plenty of time to grab a Baby Yoda plush to hold while you watch. 

According to Hollywood Reporter, Iger revealed the show will continue after the second season. Disney plans on doing much more with the show, “including the possibility of infusing it with more characters and taking those characters in their own direction in terms of series.” Sounds like he’s hinting at a potential spin-off! 

Rumors have spread of a large drop in Disney+ subscriptions since the end of the first season. However, Iger said the company had reached 28.6 million subscribers since its launch. It seems the drops weren’t all that scary.

Which Mandalorian character do you think should have their own show? What places and ideas do you want the second season to explore? Let us know in the comments! 

Stay tuned for updates on The Mandalorian, and as always, may the Force be with you!

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