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Rise of the Resistance: A Battlefront II Update

Who doesn’t love the smell of blaster fire in the morning? I just can’t get enough of that scorching smell.

The recent Star Wars: Battlefront II update that most Star Wars players have been waiting for is finally HERE! And it did not disappoint! Teased to us days before the release of The Rise of Skywalker, players were shown the new map that would be revealed to be the new base for the Resistance, Ajan Kloss. As well as Finn’s episode IX look and some new playable characters in the mix such as the Caphex Spy, Ovissian Gunner, the fearsome Sith Troopers and the “They Fly now” First Order Storm Trooper. However, the big star of the show was none other than our lovable and fearless droid BB-8 and his evil counterpart the notorious BB-9E. Not much was shown to us other than him running on the battlefield and Stormtroopers trying desperately to shoot the little droid.

However, Ben Walke, who is our Star Wars Community Manager at Dice Studios did let us know that they were still working with the team to really get the feel of BB-8 after the trailer went live. This all went down before they went on vacation for winter break and then for about a month and half it was silent as the team started rolling back in and getting the gears back running. The release was supposed to come out on the 31st of January, but unforeseen circumstance pushed it back just a bit to early February, but I will tell you it was worth the wait.

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I had the chance last night after the massive download to try my hand at the Sequel Era maps that they have updated for Capital Supremacy, now just named Supremacy where players can play either the Age of Rebellion or the Age of Resistance and for those that don’t care there is an any mode as well. I will tell you playing with friends is always better, I had two friends online and we experienced it together for the first time. Let me tell you if you never played Supremacy, basically it is a 40-player game(20V20) with an additionally 24 AI controlled units on both sides. The game is broken down into 4 phases so to speak. Phase 1 is the ground assault where each team main objective is to capture different points and keep them secured until you get the percentage up to 100%. Afterwards whichever team won, your transport ships will come down and a new mechanic they included was showing a timer that shows additional time you accumulate by boarding the shuttle. From there it’s onward to Phase 2-4 which is just progressing through the ship and taking over various points like shield generators and destroying the main power to disable the ship. However if the other team happens to force a stalemate, its back down to ground assault where capturing the objective go a little faster. Before this update Supremacy games easily could last a full hour from start to finish if both teams were really good. Last night we were able to get two rounds in, one as the Light Side and one as the Dark Side and cool enough is we won both of them. WE were surprised because each game the team was just straight destroying us, but we all got our second winds and demolished them when it really mattered.

The biggest update in this latest patch was the release of BB-8 and BB-9E respectively. I know, I know what you’re thinking of all the heroes. After playing both of them I do have to say I agree with Leia more than ever:

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BB-8 and BB-9E brings something different to the mix, along with their passive abilities that help their fellow teammate they are hard to catch when they are rolling around. I am not as good as other people are with them, and just like when Anakin came out, they are the hot new toys that everyone wants to learn how to master. So far, they are proving to hold their own with their various abilities that can hit multiple opponents and shock you so you cannot attack them. I got to play with each of them for about a good 10 mins a piece before I had to switch over and start doing some real damage to my enemies. They are a lot faster than most characters and surprisingly easy to maneuver. So far, I am in love with BB-8 Cable Spin vs BB-9E Shock Spin, I will say watching both of them go after one of another is the most hilarious thing I have seen in Battlefront thus far.

Star Wars: Battlefront II has been out for about two full years now and it had some rough times, but I always had hope that it would be the game that Star Wars fan would love to play. With their recent updates and changes in Community Manager and really focusing on listening to the community they really have made a stride to change this game for the better. I will go in more detail on my next article about the Rise and Fall and Rise again of Battlefront.

Until then mighty Heroes… May the Force be with you!

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