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Charles Soule Hints At Who This Mysterious Person May Be

Social media somewhat exploded when a huge reveal came from the Star Wars #2 comic a couple weeks ago, written by Charles Soule, when a masked marauder seemingly caught Luke’s lost saber just in time after falling out of his severed hand.

The photo in question is here:

There has been a lot of guessing games going on as to who this person is lingering in the shadows. A lot of responses ranged from Anakin to Lor San Tekka. All good guesses, however, it appears that Charles Soule might have a totally different person in mind.

This comment originated from a discussion on our Twitter account:

Charles Soule made it a point to only like Scarif Podcast’s comment, suggesting that whoever is under that cloak could well be a female character. This is no confirmation by any means, but this may help us narrow down as to who this mysterious person may be.

Once we figure out the identity of this mysterious figure, the next questions are: How did he/she know Luke would drop his saber? Why did he/she bother saving Luke’s saber? Where is he/she from?

These are only but a few questions many of us may have, and there are sure to be many more to come as we learn more when Star Wars #3 releases on February 26th. Make sure to tune in then for a review of this title by our very own Patrick Mulligan.

Who do you think is holding Luke’s saber? Let us know in the comments below!

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